PSC HSST English Jr Model Questions and Answers – Part 2

Last Updated On: 30/04/2018

PSC HSST English Jr Model Questions and Answers: Here is the part two of the model questions and answers for HSST English Jr PSC examination. These are the previous asked questions for the PSC HSST English Jr Examination.

Question Paper Code: 30/2015/OL
Category Code: 022/2015
Exam: HSST English Jr
Date of Test: 27-11-2015
Alphacode A

1. 2014 Man Booker Prize was won by
(A) Richard Flanagan
(B) Jean Tirole
(C) Patrick Modiano
(D) Isamu Akasaki
Answer: A

2. Name the freedom fighter who went to jail with her two month old baby due to the participation in the Civil Disobedience Movement?
(A) Ammu Swaminathan
(B) Swarnakumari
(C) Kuttimalu Amma
(D) Akkama Cheriyan
Answer: C

3. “Atmavidya Sangham” was founded by …………….
(A) Ayyan Kali
(B) Chattampi Swamikal
(C) Brahmananda Sivayogi
(D) Vagbhadananda
Answer: D

4. The Bollywood actor who has been appointed as UNICEF’s Goodwill Ambassador for South Asia?
(A) Abhishek Bachchan
(B) Aamir Khan
(C) Ajay Devgan
(D) Akshaykumar
Answer: B

5. C V Kunhuraman was the founder of ……….
(A) Malayala Manorama
(B) Swaraj
(C) Malayalee
(D) Kerala Kaumudi
Answer: D

6. Which day is recently declared by UN as ‘International Yoga Day’ ?
(A) June 21
(B) August 22
(C) December 10
(D) October 24
Answer: A

7. The founder and editor of women’s magazine ‘Shrimati’?
(A) Akkamma Cheriyan
(B) Anna Chandi
(C) Arya Pallan
(D) Lalitha Prabhu
Answer: B

8. ‘Wandering in many worlds’ is the autobiography of ………….
(A) K P Kesava Menon
(B) T R Krishanaswami Iyer
(C) V R Krishna Iyer
(D) T K Madhavan
Answer: C

9. The work of G Sankara Kurup which won the Kerala Sahitya Academy Award (1961) and Kendra Sahitya Academy Award (1963)?
(A) Nimisham
(B) Vishwadarshanam
(C) Padhikante Pattu
(D) Jeevana Sangeetham
Answer: B

10. In which venue Rohit Sharma made the highest individual ODI score of 264 runs against Sri Lanka?
(A) Bangalore
(B) Punjab
(C) Chennai
(D) Kolkota
Answer: D

11. A relationship in which a less experienced learner acquires knowledge and skills under guidance of an expert:
(A) Cognition
(B) Cognitive Apprenticeship
(C) Apprentice learning
(D) Co-operative learning
Answer: B

12. Which educationalist believed, ” Psychic being within oneself to be the essence of his spiritual selves”
(A) Karl Marx
(B) Aurobindo
(C) Krupskaya
(D) Gijubhai Badeka
Answer: B

13. Process whereby children adopt external standards as their own is termed as
(A) Internalization
(B) Reactions
(C) Imitation
(D) Intervention
Answer: A

14. Testing used during instruction to help ‘diagnosis’ is
(A) Summative
(B) Formative
(C) Internal
(D) Grading
Answer: B

15. Intensive study of one person or a situation is called
(A) Correlation study
(B) Case study
(C) Causal Comparative research
(D) Micro Genetic study
Answer: B

16. The relationship between mean, median and mode is
(A) Mode=2(median)-3(mean)
(B) Mode=3(median)-2(mean)
(C) Mode=3(mean)-2(median)
(D) Mode=2(mean)-3(median)
Answer: B

17. Complete list of members of population from which sampling unit are selected is known as
(A) Sampling notation
(B) Sampling method
(C) Sample criterion
(D) Sampling Frame
Answer: D

18. Two significant levels often used in social science research are
(A) 0.01 & 0.03
(B) 0.01 & 0.05
(C) 0.001 & 0.005
(D) 0.001 & 0.008
Answer: B

19. Clubbing new information into existing schema is called
(A) Assimilation
(B) Accomodation
(C) Equillibration
(D) Disequillibrium
Answer: A

20. A child is unable to see the blackboard and often writes notes by looking into notebooks of nearby classmates what inference will you draw on child’s difficulty
(A) Children are mischievous
(B) black board writing is unclear for all children
(C) child has a poor vision
(D) Child doesn’t want to write from blackboard
Answer: C

21. What is the maximum period provided by the Constitution for President’s rule in a State?
(A) 6 months.
(B) 1 year.
(C) 3 years.
(D) 5 years.
Answer: C

22. Who appoints the Comptroller and Auditor General of India?
(A) President.
(B) Prime Minister.
(C) Chief Justice of India.
(D) Finance Minister.
Answer: A

23. Which of the following statement is correct in respect of Union list provided in the Constitution?
(A) Government in Union Territories have exclusive powers on the subjects mentioned in the Union list.
(B) Central Government has exclusive powers on the subjects mentioned in the Union list.
(C) Central Government and State Governments have exclusive powers on the subjects mentioned in the Union list.
(D) State Government has exclusive powers on the subjects mentioned in the Union list.
Answer: B

24. Which one of the following is not mentioned in the preamble of the Indian Constitution?
(A) Sovereign.
(B) Socialist.
(C) Secular.
(D) Sociologic.
Answer: D

25. What is the maximum age limit prescribed for Supreme Court Judges?
(A) 60.
(B) 62.
(C) 65.
(D) 67.
Answer: C

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