Indian Navy – PSC Plus Two Level Notes : Part 4

Last Updated On: 30/04/2018
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Indian Navy: Here are the Kerala Public Service Commission PSC notes for plus two level exams on topic Indian Navy.

Indian Navy Notes

• Royal Indian Navy was started on 4th December 1934.

• It became Indian Navy on 26th January 1950.

• The motto of Indian Navy – Shamno Varuna.

• Indian Navy is the 6th largest Navy in the world.

• Chief of Naval Staff is the head of Indian Navy, and its Headquarters is at New Delhi.

• 1st Indian Chief of Naval Staff – R.D. Katari.

• First commander in chief of Indian Navy – Admiral Edward Parry

• First Chief of Naval Staff – Admiral Mark Pizcy

Ezhimala Naval Academy is the biggest officers training institute in Asia.

• Ezhimala Naval Academy was inaugurated on 8th January 2009 by Manmohan Singh.

• Motto of Ezhimala Naval Academy – ‘Vidyaya Amrutham Ashnuthe

• The First Submarine Museum of India is at – Visakhapatnam

• The First Major Operation of Indian Navy was – Operation Vijay (1961)

• The First ship built in the Cochin Shipyard is – Rani Padmini

• The First Stealth warship of Indian Navy – INS Shivalik

• The Largest Air Craft Carrier of Indian Navy – INS Vikramaditya

• INS Vikramaditya is the new name of Admiral Gorshkov, from Russia

• INS Vikrant is the First Indigenous Aircraft carrier of India. It was built in Cochin shipyard.

• The Biggest Naval Base of Indian Navy is INS Kadamba or Sea Bird (Karnataka)

• India’s Second Aircraft Carrier – INS Viraat

• It is bought from Britain (Named HMS Hermes)

• It was decommissioned in 2017

• India’s Second Indigenous Aircraft carrier- INS Vishal

• India’s first Submarine – INS Kalvari

• India’s first Indigenously built submarine – INS Shalki

• India’s first Nuclear submarine – INS Chakra

• India’s first Indigenously built Nuclear submarine – INS Arihant

• India’s first indigenous stealth warship – INS Nilgiri

• INS Savitri is the first warship fabricated at the Hindustan shipyard.

• INS Sindhurakshak was the Submarine of India that was exploded in 2013 in Mumbai

• India’s high speed Missile launching ship INS Brahmaputra

• INS Brahmaputra is known as Racing Rhyno

• India’s first Indigenously built Missile Boat INS Vibhoothi

• INS Kochi is the largest ever worship to be built in India

• The special operation unit of Indian Navy – MARCOS

• The Naval form of Prithvi Missile – Dhanush

•  College of Naval Warfare Mumbai Naval Day – December 4

• Naval Academy – Goa

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