General Knowledge Questions and Answers : Part 32

#311) Who was the Constitutional advisor to the Constituent Assembly?
Ans: BN Rao

#312) Who was the temporary chairman of the Constituent Assembly?
Ans: Sachidananda Sinha

#313) The number of languages in the eighth Schedule of the Constitution:
Ans: 22

#314) The number of languages in the Seventh Schedule of the Constitution when it was brought into force:
Ans: 14

#315) Rajya Sabha is also known as:
Ans: Council of States

#316) The first chairman of Rajya Sabha:
Ans: S Radhakrishnan

#317) The first Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha:
Ans: SV Krishnamurthy

#318) The first hour of every sitting of Lok Sabha is called the …….
Ans: Question Hour

#319) The minimum age required to vote in Lok Sabha elections:
Ans: 18

#320)┬áThe tenure of member of Rajya Sabha is …… years.
Ans: 6

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