Kerala PSC Degree Level General Knowledge Questions and Answers : Part 34

Last Updated On: 01/09/2018

#331) As per the provisions of the Constitution, the strength of State Legislative Assembly is limited upto:
Ans: 500

#332) Cabinet system in India was copied from:
Ans: Britain

#333) From which country Ireland copied Directive Principles?
Ans: Spanish Republic

#334) If the post of president is vacant, a new president will be elected within ….. months-
Ans: 6

#335) In case of resignation, the President submits his resignation letter to:
Ans: Vice President

#336) In which case the Supreme Court gave the verdict that the preamble is a part of Constitution?
Ans: Keshavananda Bharati Case

#337) India borrowed the idea of Fundamental Rights from the Constitutuion of:
Ans: USA

#338) Legislative Assembly of which state has the tenure of six years?
Ans: Jammu & Kashmir

#339) “A representative and responsible system under which those who administer the affairs of the state are chosen by the electorate and accountable to them”- This refers to:
Ans: Democracy

#340) Which term implies an elected head of state:
Ans: Republic

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