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PSC Panchayat Secretary Examination-2008 Questions & Answers: Part 2

Last Updated On: 29/04/2018
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Here is the Part 2 Questions and answers of PSC Panchayath Secretary examination which was held on 2008. You can also download the questions in PDF format also.

PSC Panchayat Secretary Questions & Answers Part 2

51. The war of 1556 is known as :

(a) Battle of Plassey

(b) Second battle of panipat

(c) First battle of Panipat

(d) None of these

Ans:  (b) Second battle of panipat


52. “Sravanabelgola” is associated with :

(a) Buddhism

(b) Jainism

(c) Zoroastrianism

(d) Judaism

Ans:  (b) Jainism


53. Which one of the following is a “Pratiloma” marriage?

(a) Brahmin boy with a Kshatriya girl

(b) Vaisya boy with a Sudra girl

(c) Brahmin boy with a Sudra girl

(d) Sudra boy with a Vaisya girl

Ans:  (d) Sudra boy with a Vaisya girl


54. “I have nothing to offer except blood, sweat and tears” was said by :

(a) Subhash Chandra Bose

(b) Winston Churchill

(c) Lord Nelson

(d) Napolean

Ans:  (b) Winston Churchill


55. On April 14, 1912 the British Liner “Titanic” sank after hitting an iceberg in the North Atlantic. How long did it take for the great ship to go down?

(a) Less than one hours

(b) Just under three hours

(c) Five and one -half hours

(d) Twelve hours

Ans:  (b) Just under three hours


56. Which State in India tops in the distribution of forest area?

(a) Assam

(b) Sikkim

(c) Himachal Pradesh

(d) Madhya Pradesh

Ans:  (d) Madhya Pradesh


57. The trade name “Cow and Gate” is associated with :

(a) Cosmetics

(b) Sweets

(c) Boot Polish

(d) Baby milk food

Ans:  (d) Baby milk food


58. Ball-bearings are used in cycles, scooters, etc to:

(a) reduce the friction between wheel and axle

(b) increase the friction between wheel and axle.

(c) reduce the friction between ground and wheel.

(d) None of these.

Ans:  (a) reduce the friction between wheel and axle


59. Entomology is the study of :

(a) Fungi

(b) Bacteria

(c) Epidemics

(d) Insects

Ans:  (d) Insects


60. Where can we see a statue of Charlie Chaplin?

(a) Paris

(b) Hong Kong

(c) Jakarta

(d) London

Ans:  (d) London


61. Among the following which plant is completely devoid of roots?

(a) Azolla

(b) Vallisneria

(c) Hydrilla

(d) Ceratophyllum

Ans:  (d) Ceratophyllum


62. Modern Synthetic Theory of Evolution is based on:

(a) Genetic and chromosomal mutations

(b) Genetic recombination and natural selection.

(c) Reproductive isolation

(d) All the above

Ans:  (a) Genetic and chromosomal mutations


13. The colour of “Black Box” used in aeroplanes is:

(a) Black

(b) Cyan

(c) Brown

(d) Orange

Ans:  (d) Orange


64. The change of vapour int the liquid state is known as:

(a) Vapourisation

(b) Diffusion

(c) Osmosis

(d) Condensation

Ans:  (d) Condensation


65. The average gestation period of sheep is:

(a) 30 days

(b) 150 days

(c) 280 days

(d) 365 days

Ans:  (b) 150 days


66. As per which Article of the Indian Constitution the “Presidential Rule” can be introduced in States?

(a) Article 356

(b) Article 358

(c) Article 359

(d) Article 386

Ans:  (a) Article 356


67. After how many years does Haley’s Comet reappear?

(a) 1000 years

(b) 76 years

(c) 12 years

(d) 363 years

Ans:  (b) 76 years


68. What is the name of the method of estimating the ages of archaeological
specimens of biological origin, by measuring the radioactive carbon present
in that specimen?

(a) carbon dating

(b) isotope study

(c) fluoroscopic

(d) none of these

Ans:  (a) carbon dating


69. “Silk Anniversary” means:

(a) 12th Anniversary

(b) 10th Anniversary

(c) 5th Anniversary

(d) 17th Anniversary

Ans:  (a) 12th Anniversary


70. What lies between Rashtrapati Bhavan and India Gate?

(a) Rajghat

(b) Rajpath

(c) M.G. Road

(d) Red Fort

Ans:  (b) Rajpath


71. There is hardly any space for the children …..:

(a) even though it is a very large house

(b) since it is a very large house

(c) though it is a very large house

(d) because it is a very large house

Ans:  (c) though it is a very large house


72. I wouldn’t jump off that rock ……………

(a) if I am you

(b) if I had been you

(c) if I were you

(d) if I would have been you

Ans:  (c) if I were you


73. Will you wait ……………. I return?

(a) when

(b) till

(c) as

(d) while

Ans:  (b) till


74. ……… you are called, you may step into the room.

(a) as soon as

(b) after

(c) before

(d) when

Ans:  (d) when


75. There is a vacancy for an expert …… editing.

(a) on

(b) with

(c) at

(d) in

Ans:  both c & d can be used


76. Are there exhibits ………. sale?

(a) to

(b) for

(c) on

(d) at

Ans:  (b) for


77. Jayan said something (Choose the question):

(a) What did Jayan say?

(b) What does Jayan say?

(c) What Jayan say?

(d) What has Jayan said?

Ans:  (a) What did Jayan say?


78. Do you like ……..?

(a) to drive

(b) driving

(c) drive

(d) a drive

Ans:  (b) driving


79. My aunt has lived in Australia ………. ten years.

(a) since

(b) for

(c) ever since

(d) up to

Ans:  (b) for


80. ……… a good film on the TV yesterday.

(a) there was

(b) there is

(c) there has been

(d) there had been

Ans:  (a) there was


81. Donkeys ………..

(a) chatter

(b) coo

(c) bray

(d) mew

Ans:  (c) bray


82. Bulls ………

(a) grunt

(b) bleat

(c) bellow

(d) buzz

Ans:  (c) bellow


83. Darkness ………

(a) occurs

(b) happens

(c) spreads

(d) falls

Ans:  (c) spreads


84. A habit ………

(a) develops

(b) occurs

(c) comes up

(d) forms

Ans:  (d) forms


85. At loggerheads approximately means:

(a) in harmony

(b) in anger

(c) in dispute

(d) in mirth

Ans:  (c) in dispute


86. To beat the air approximately means:

(a) to make efforts in vain

(b) to be successful

(c) to trouble others

(d) to make mistakes

Ans:  (a) to make efforts in vain


87. The horse is related to hay in the same way as the cow is related to ……..

(a) milk

(b) fodder

(c) leaves

(d) straw

Ans:  (b) Fodder (dried food for cattle)


88. Wince is related to pain in the same way as prostration is related to ……..

(a) discomfort

(b) frustration

(c) submissiveness

(d) happiness

Ans:  (c) submissiveness


89. Bird: Cage (Take the wrong pairs):

(a) Thief: prison

(b) Animals: zoo

(c) Antique: museum

(d) Crime: punishment

Ans:  (d) crime : punishment


90. The Old Testament tells of the ……… the Jews made with God.

(a) covenant

(b) covennant

(c) covenent

(d) covanant

Ans:  (a) covenant


91. The trekkers set up the hills at a ……….pace (Use the antonym of sluggish)

(a) slow

(b) quick

(c) dull

(d) brisk

Ans:  (b) quick


92. The play was so …………. that the audience laughed all through it.

(a) ludicrous

(b) ludicrose

(c) ludicruous

(d) ludecrous

Ans:  (a) ludicrous


93. Choose the wrongly spelt word:

(a) annihilate

(b) anomalous

(c) deprecate

(d) eupheimism

Ans:  (d) eupheimism


94. She said to Ahmed, “I’ll be late”. Change to indirect speech:

(a) She said to Ahmed that I’ll be late

(b) She told Ahmed that she will be late

(c) She told Ahmed that she’d be late

(d) She told Ahmed that she could be late.

Ans:  (c) She told Ahmed that she’d be late


95. Will you return asked John (Choose the right punctuation):

(a) “Will you returned”, asked John

(b) “Will you return?” asked John

(c) “Will you return,? asked John

(d) “Will you return?” asked john

Ans:  (b) “Will you return?” asked John


96. Tom, who is a friend of mine is coming with me. (Substitute the italicised part if required):

(a) my friend

(b) a friend of mine

(c) a neighbour friend of mine

(d) no improvement

Ans:  (a) my friend


97. The past participle of rise is ………

(a) rise

(b) risen

(c) rose

(d) rised

Ans:  (b) risen


98. The little boy spent much of his money ……… sweets.

(a) on

(b) in

(c) for

(d) at

Ans:  (a) on


99. Everything depends on ……. receiving the reply in time.

(a) his

(b) him

(c) he

(d) himself

Ans:  (a) his


100. I am going to bed early today ………..

(a) but I can’t sleep well

(b) as I have to be up early tomorrow

(c) and I had a tiresome day today

(d) as I had not slept

Ans:  (b) as I have to be up early tomorrow


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