PSC Questions & Answers Assistant Grade II Exam 2008

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Here is the PSC Questions and Solved Answers of the Assistant Grade II / Clerk /Cashier/Junior Assistant Exam which was held in 2008. Also download the PDF document of the Questions and answers.

PSC Questions & Answers Assistant Grade II Exam 2008


1. Mamankam, the great ancient regional festival was held at?

Answer:  Thirunavaaya


2. Kollam Era began

Answer:  A.D.825.

3. The longest River in Kerala:Answer:  Periyar

4.Sadhujanaparipalanayogam was started byAnswer:  Ayyankaali

5.First Chief Minister of Travancore Popular Ministry?Answer:  Pattom A. Thanu Pillai

6. The temple entry proclamation was issued by?Answer:  Chithira Thirunal Balarama verma


7. Malayali Sabha was organized by

Answer:  C.Krishna Pillai


8. Kochi State Prajamandal was formed in

Answer:  Correct Answer is 26th Jan 1941


9. A Thermo flask is polished well ?

Answer:  To reflect all radiation from outside


10. Coefficient of Temperature depends on

Answer:  Difference in Temperature


11. A Device used to detect heat radiaton is known as

Answer:  Thermopile

12. Which of the following is a compound?
(a) Milk
(b) 22 carat Gold
(c) Steam

(d) Diamond.

Answer:  Steam

13. Hardest naturally occurring substance?

Answer:  Black Diamond


14. A form of carbon used in gas mask?

Answer:  Activated Charcoal


15. The gas used in the refrigerator?

Answer:  Freon


16. Estimation of Halogen in organic compound is done by

Answer:  Carius Method

17. The metal which doesn’t react with dilute Sulphuric Acid ?

Answer:  Led


18. In free state , hydrojen is present in

Answer:  Natural Gas


19. The disease caused by the deficiency of Vitamin A:

Answer:  Xerophthalmia


20. The insect which lays eggs in water is

Answer:  Dragonfly

21. The mosquito that spreads malaria in man is namedAnswer:  Female Anopheles


22. Which is the function of white blood corpuscles?

Answer:  to produce anti-toxin

23. Which of the following processes liberates energy?Answer:  Respiration.


24. During the solar eclipse, which of the following represents the relative position of the sun, moon an earth correctly?

Answer:  The moon in between the sun and the earth


25. A degree of Longitude has about the same length as a degree of Latitude at

Answer:  Equator


26. The supersonic aircraft find its most convenient to fly in the

Answer:  Stratosphere


27. Seismograph is used to measure

Answer:  Earthquake


28. Which one is known as “Pittsburg of India?”

Answer:  Jamshedpur


29. The first political leader who got Nobel prize for literature?

Answer:  Winston Churchil.


30. The winner of Wimbledon Championship of 2007?

Answer:  Veenus Williams


31. Present secretary general of United Nations

Answer:  Banki-Moon


32. Jim Corbett National Park is in

Answer:  Uttaranjal


33. The country used paper currency first in the world

Answer:  China


34. Father of Cell Phone

Answer:  Martin Cooper


35. The modern Quantity theory of money was developed by

Answer:  Milton Friedman


36. Consumer Protection act was enacted in the year

Answer:  1986


37. National Flag of India was designed by:

Answer:  Pingali Venkayya


38. Human Rights Day is observed all over the world every year on:

Answer:  10th December


39. Gauthama Budha was born at

Answer:  Lumbini


40. The Chera King known as “Red Chera”?

Answer:  Senkuttuvan


41. Alexander the great defeated

Answer:  Porus


42. Indica was written by?

Answer:  Megesthenes


43. The Second Buddhist Council was held at

Answer:  Vaisali


44.Who is popularly known as the Indian Napoleon ?

Answer:  Samudra Gupthan


45. Last King of Kakatiya dynasty ?

Answer:  Prataparudra II


46. The second Battle of Tarrain in 1192, Mohammed Gori defeated?

Answer:  Prithviraj Chauhan


47. The king on the throne of Vijayanagar at the time of battle of Talikota ?

Answer:  Ramaraya


48. Qutub –ud-din Aibek built the Quwaat-ul-Islammosque to commemorate his capture of

Answer:  Delhi


49. The wisest fool of medieval India is ?

Answer:  Mohammed bin Thuglaq


50. “Tarikh-i-Firoz Shahi” was written by?

Answer:  Ziaudin Barani


51. Ibn Batuta, the famous Arab Scholar visited India during the reign of

Answer:  Mohaummed Bin Thuglaq


52. Purana Qila in Delhi was built by

Answer:  Shersha


53.Ashtrapratan” was the council of Ministers of

Answer:  Marathas


54. Zapti is the land revenue system introduced by

Answer:  Akbar


55. Jahangir the Mughal ruler murdered the Sikh guru :

Answer:  Guru Arjun singh


56. The mughal gardens-Shalimar and Nishad in Srinagar built by ?

Answer:  Jahangiir


57. Ustad Isa was the Architect of

Answer:  Taj Mahal


58. Harihara and Bukka laid the foundations of

Answer:  Vijaya Nagar Empire


59. The author of “Prithvi Raj Raso “ was:

Answer:  Chandra Vardai


60.The first Carnatic war came to an end with the

Answer:  Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle


61. Permanent land Revenue Settlement was introduced in Bengal By

Answer:  Lord Cornwallis


62. Doctrine of Lapse” was applied by

Answer:  Lord Dalhousie


63. Principles of panchasheel were framed in

Answer:  Bandung


64. Local Self Government in India, for the first time was introduced by

Answer:  Lord Rippon


65. The President of Pakistan who signed the Tashkent Agreement after the Indo-Pak War of 1965 was?

Answer:  Ayub Khan


66. The war between India and China took place in?

Answer:  1962


67. Thashkent Pact was signed between

Answer:  Lal Bahadur Sastri and Ayub Khan


68. Mixed Colony system was introduced by:

Answer:  Albuquerque.


69. Electricity Agitation of Cochin was against the decision of the Diwan ?

Answer:  Sir.R.K.Shanmukham Chetti


70 The Authour of “India Today”

Answer:  R.P.Dutt


71. Would you mind ———the door?

Answer:  Shutting


72. I wish he——-settle the issue soon

Answer:  would


73. The approximate meaning of ‘run on the mill’

Answer:  Ordinary


74. Midhun said”Do you enjoy cricket”(Change into Indirect Speech)”

Answer:  Midhun asked me if I enjoyed cricket.


75. One must always be careful in ——-dealing with others

Answer:  One’s


76. Rahul is very rich.He can buy a car (Combine using ‘enough’)

Answer:  Rahul is rich enough to buy a car


77. Meaning of the phrase”Ad hoc”

Answer:  formed for some special purpose


78. Everyone looked up to him. (change into Passive voice)

Answer:  He was looked up to by everyone.


79. This juice is made —–fresh oranges.

Answer:  from


80. Our Chief Minister is a person of long experience in politic. (Use one word for the words in bold)

Answer:  Veteran


81. The mis-spelt word among the following:

(Synonym,  Synagogue,  Symposiam,  Symptom)

Answer:  Symposiam


82. When the police interrogated the thief, he made a clean breast ofeverything (Meaning of the idiom in bold)

Answer:  Confessed


83. It is five years——–I retired

Answer:  Since


84. The bundle is so heavy that I cannot lift it.(Use ‘too’ instead of ‘So that’)

Answer:  The bundle is too heavy for me to lift


85. The word which is nearest in meaning of the word”profound”

Answer:  Deep


86. The Government has decided to ——–all unauthorised buildings

Answer:  pull down


87. ——-you apologize, he won’t forgive you.

Answer:  Unless


88. The mother as well as her three children———-taken to the hospital.

Answer:  was


89. The old man was too weak to travel ——himself.

Answer:  by


90. Roshan was so absorbed———–his work that he didn’t even raise his head.

Answer:  in


91. It———-heavily when I woke up yesterday.

Answer:  was raining


92. Mahathma Gandhi appealed to the people to ———the cruelties of British authorities.

Answer:  put up with


93. Opposite of the word “Rigid”

Answer:  Flexible


94. Few students knew the answer,—–

Answer:  did they


95. The word which is nearest in meaning of the word “economical”

Answer:  Thrifty


96. If the driver——–the brake, the car would have hit the old man.

Answer:  had not applied


97. There weren’t any hotels nearby , ———?

Answer:  were there


98. It was with great difficulty he gained entry to the auditorium, but he made a sudden ———

Answer:  exit


99. The thieves not only robbed the travellers—–, beat them up.

Answer:  but also


100. I——–him the truth, if i were you.

Answer:  would tell

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