PSC LDC General English Model Questions & Answers [Part 7]

Last Updated On: 29/04/2018

Here is the part 7 of the PSC LD Clerk General English Model Questions and answers. You may also download the PDF document of the questions and answers.

PSC LDC General English Model Questions

Fill in the blanks using the suitable words in the choices.

1. Be careful when you cross the road ,—————?

(A) will you

(B) shall we

(C) won’t you

(D) shall I

Ans: (C) won’t you


2. We need some money, ————— ?

(A) don’t we

(B) do we

(C) needn’t we

(D) need we

Ans: (A) don’t we


3. Some of you are learning English, —————— ?

(A) wasn’t he

(B) aren’t you

(C) are you

(D) was he

Ans: (B) aren’t you


4. She looks ill, ——— ?

(A) don’t she

(B) does she

(C) doesn’t she

(D) do she

Ans: (C) doesn’t she


5. Some of the food was wasted, ———— ?

(A) wasn’t it

(B) was it

(C) were they

(D) weren’t they

Ans: (A) wasn’t it


6. She is ———— girl in the class.

(A) elder

(B) the eldest

(C) older

(D) the oldest

Ans: (D) the oldest


7. Many a ——— ———— injured.

(A) passengers were

(B) passengers was

(C) passenger were

(D) passenger was

Ans: (D) passenger was


8. His speech was ———— too long .

(A) many

(B) much

(C) few

(D) none of these

Ans: (B) much


9. I gave him ———— money.

(A) any

(B) few

(C) a few

(D) some

Ans: (D) some


10. I have ——— faith in him than in you.

(A) lesser

(B) less

(C) lessest

(D) none of these

Ans: (B) less


11. Every boy ——— present.

(A) were

(B) was

(C) have been

(D) have

Ans: (B) was


12. Neither of them ——— given the correct answer.

(A) have

(B) has

(C) have been

(D) were

Ans: (B) has


13. I wish I ——— you.

(A) was

(B) were

(C) is

(D) are

Ans: (B) were


14. He is married ——— .

(A) with my sister

(B) my sister

(C) to my sister

(D) none of these

Ans: (C) to my sister


15. The moon as well as the stars ———.

(A) give light at night

(B) do give light at night

(C) gave light at night

(D) gives light at night

Ans: (D) gives light at night


16. The opposite of the word ‘Acquitted’ is ———.

(A) entrusted

(B) convicted

(C) exonerate

(D) burned

Ans: (B) convicted


17. Two men and a woman were killed in a ——— between a car and a jeep.

(A) strike

(B) thrust

(C) collision

(D) collusion

Ans: (C) collision


18. Much water has ————— under the London bridge.

(A) flown

(B) flowed

(C) flew

(D) followed

Ans: (B) flowed


19. Sheele has two brothers . She does not like ——— of them .

(A) neither

(B) any

(C) either

(D) none

Ans: (C) either


20. Some rules are very rigid: others are ———.

(A) unrigid

(B) hard and fast

(C) loose

(D) flexible

Ans: (D) flexible


21. The door bell —— for the last ten minutes .

(A) was ringing

(B) is ringing

(C) has been ringing

(D) have been ringing

Ans: (C) has been ringing


22. I have my bed room ———.

(A) on upstairs

(B) in upstairs

(C) at upstairs

(D) upstairs

Ans: (D) upstairs


23. The girl was shivering ——— cold.

(A) in

(B) by

(C) with

(D) of

Ans: (C) with


24. “ A friend in need is a friend ———”.

(A) indeed

(B) in truth

(C) in fact

(D)in action

Ans: (A) indeed


25. I have lost my ———of keys .

(A) collection

(B) group

(C) bunch

(D) pieces

Ans: (C) bunch


26. Sandeep speaks English ———.

(A) well

(B) correct

(C) good

(D) best

Ans: (A) well


27. The girl ——— her father last year.

(A) has lost

(B) lost

(C) had lost

(D) have lost

Ans: (B) lost


28. I visit my parents on ——— Sundays .

(A) alternate

(B) alternating

(C) alternative

(D) alternatively

Ans: (A) alternate


29. The policeman asked me where ————.

(A) I am going

(B) I was going

(C) am I going

(D) was I going

Ans: (B) I was going


30. Rajan ——— to the Gymnasium three times a week .

(A) is usually going

(B) is going usually

(C) usually goes

(D) will go usually

Ans: (C) usually goes


31. The walls are dirty . It is time we ————them .

(A) paint

(B) must paint

(C) ought to paint

(D) painted

Ans: (D) painted

Find out the error in the sentences:

32. (A) I / (B) have seen / (C) the film yesterday. / (D) no error

Ans: (B) have seen

33. (A) I / (B) am working here / (C) for five years. / (D) no error

Ans: (B) am working here

34. (A) I / (B) have been working / (C) here. / (D) no error

Ans: (B) have been working

35. (A) I / (B) will / (C) go there. (D) no error

Ans: (B) will

36. (A) Second one / (B) from the left / (C) is my cousin. / (D) no error

Ans: (A) Second one

Rewrite as directed:

37. Find out the correct sentence

(A) French speak the French.

(B) The French speak the French.

(C) The French speak French language.

(D) The French speak French.

Ans: (D) The French speak French.


38. He writes poems (Turn into passive)

(A) He is written by poems.

(B) Poems are written by him.

(C) It is written poems.

(D) None of these

Ans: (B) Poems are written by him.


39. How do they teach you grammar? (Turn into passive )

(A) How are you taught grammar ?

(B) How do they taught grammar ?

(C) How do you teach grammar ?

(D) none of these

Ans: (A) How are you taught grammar ?


40. Did the noise frighten you ? (Turn into passive )

(A) Were you frightened by the noise ?

(B) Did you frighten the noise ?

(C) Was the noise frightened by you ?

(D) none of these

Ans: (A) Were you frightened by the noise ?

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