PSC LDC General English Model Questions & Answers [Part 8]

Last Updated On: 29/04/2018

Here is the part 8 of the PSC LD Clerk General English Model Questions and answers. You may also download the PDF document of the questions and answers.

PSC LDC General English Model Questions

Give suitable prepositions:

1. The principal served a notice ———— me .

(A) on

(B) in

(C) at

(D) by

Ans: (C) at

2. He served me ——— a notice .

(A) for

(B) to

(C) with

(D) on

Ans: (B) to

3. You are prevented ——— entering the class .

(A) for

(B) to

(C) in

(D) from

Ans: (D) from

4. You are forbidden ——— enter the class .

(A) from

(B) in

(C) to

(D) by

Ans: (C) to

5. They protested ——— the new tax .

(A) against

(B) from

(C) in

(D) for

Ans: (A) against

6. You should refrain ——— bad company .

(A) to

(B) from

(C) against

(D) on

Ans: (B) from

7. He was relieved ——— his duties .

(A) of

(B) from

(C) in

(D) with

Ans: (A) of

8. I repent ——— my quarrel with you .

(A) in

(B) of

(C) at

(D) to

Ans: (B) of

9. The thieves robbed me ——— my purse .

(A) from

(B) of

(C) in

(D) towards

Ans: (B) of

10. I am sick ——— this idle life .

(A) of

(B) in

(C) on

(D) with

Ans: (A) of

In the sentences, find out in which part is the error:

11. (A) She / (B) can play / (C) violin very well. / (D) no error

Ans: (C) violin very well

12. (A) He /(B) does not know /(C)the English alphabets. /(D) no error

Ans: (C) the English alphabets

13. (A) I / (B) shall return the camera / (C) after five days. / (D) no error

Ans: (C) after five days

14. (A) He speaks / (B) the English / (C) fluently. / (D) no error

Ans: (B) the English

15. (A) I / (B) travelled / (C) by Kishore’s car. / (D) no error

Ans: (C) by Kishore’s car

16. (A) We / (B) went there / (C) on last Tuesday. / (D) no error

Ans: (C) on last Tuesday

17. (A) They / (B) climbed / (C) the Everest. / (D) no error

Ans: (C) the Everest

18. (A) He / (B) was hung / (C) for murder. / (D) no error

Ans: (B) was hung

Complete the sentences by filling the blanks with appropriate words in the choices:

19. I am too impatient ——— ?

(A) am n’ t I

(B) are n’ t I

(C) am I

(D) are I

Ans: (B) are n’ t I

20. The furniture ——— to be delivered today .

(A ) is

(B) are

(C) have

(D) were

Ans: (A ) is

21. I would have helped my neighbour if ————.

(A) he will have helped me

(B) he would help me

(C) he has helped me

(D) he had helped me

Ans: (D) he had helped me

22. Where ———— ?

(A) are you

(B) has you been

(C) you are

(D) none of these

Ans: (A) are you

23. There’s someone ———— outside the window .

(A) is standing

(B) stands

(C) stood

(D) standing

Ans: (D) standing

24. It ———— raining for three days here .

(A) is

(B) will be

(C) has been

(D) none of these

Ans: (C) has been

25. Some pictures are vivid , but certain others ———.

(A) unvivid

(B) stable

(C) handsome

(D) vague

Ans: (D) vague

26. It is a ———— told by an idiot .

(A) tail

(B) tile

(C) tale

(D) none of these

Ans: (C) tale

27. One of the boys ——— got high marks .

(A) will

(B) have

(C) has

(D) will have

Ans: (C) has

28. The fire force arrived and extinguished the fire . (Choose the correct phrase)

(A) put off

(B) put of

(C) put out

(D) quenched

Ans: (C) put out

29. Take an umbrella in case —————.

(A) it rains

(B) it has rained

(C) it might rain

(D) rained

Ans: (A) it rains

30. Where ——— all the rivers gone ?

(A) is

(B) do

(C) did

(D) have

Ans: (D) have

31. Abraham Lincoln put an end to slavery . ( words in bold means:)

(A) for ever

(B) turning

(C) abolished

(D) none of these

Ans: (C) abolished

32. When ——————— we meet again ?

(A) would

(B) are

(C) shall

(D) none of these

Ans: (C) shall

33. Mary declared that the book was not ———.

(A) our

(B) her

(C) your

(D) hers

Ans: (D) hers

34. ———— we work hard, we will not be successful.

(A) if

(B) although

(C) because

(D) unless

Ans: (D) unless

35. “To make out” means ————.

(A) to produce

(B) to send out

(C) to understand

(D) to defeat

Ans: (C) to understand

36. Seeing is ———.

(A) believe

(B) believing

(C) to believe

(D) believed

Ans: (B) believing

37. A group of men —— creating trouble .

(A) was

(B) were

(C) being

(D)have been

Ans: (A) was

38. When your friend is not an optimistic person , you call him —————.

(A) un optimistic

(B) ophthalmic

(C) pessimistic

(D) disoptimistic

Ans: (C) pessimistic

39. I have been visiting Chennai ——— my childhood .

(A) since

(B) for

(C) on

(D) at

Ans: (A) since

40. I congratulated my friend ———— his success.

(A) for

(B) in

(C) on

(D) about

Ans: (C) on

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