LD Typist Model Questions & Answers

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Are you looking for the model questions for Computer Assistant Gr-II, Typist Gr-II, LD Typist, Clerk Typist exams? Here are the solved previous questions for LD Typist exams.

LD Typist Model Questions & Answers

1) The device that convert digital signal in to analogue is called:

A) Microwave
B) Modem
C) PCI connectors
D) Topologies
✅ B) Modem

2) An example of touch screen input device:

A) Joy stick
B) Scanner
C) Light pen
D) Recorders
✅ C) Light pen

3) The secondary storage device that follows sequential access mode:

A) Magnetic disk
B) Optical disk
C) Magnetic core
D) Magnetic tape
✅ ) Magnetic tape

4) Back space key is a:

A) Control key
B) Character key
C) Function key
D) Special character key
✅ A) Control key

5) The device which recognize the difference between data and programme is called:

A) Input device
B) Memory device
C) Processing device
D) Output device
✅ C) Processing device

6) The main memory of a computer system is slower than ________ memory.

A) Register
B) Cache
C) Secondary
D) None of the above
✅ B) Cache

7) From the following which option can be used to delete a sentence:<br>
Del key, Backspace key, Both del key and backspace, None of the above

A) Del key
B) Backspace key
C) Both A and B
D) None of the above
✅ C) Both A and B

8) A computer that operate on data which is in the form of continuously variable physical quantities are called:

A) Digital computer
B) Hybrid computer
C) Mechanical computer
D) Analogue computer
✅ ) Analogue computer

9) The process of computer receives information from a server on the internet is called:

A) Pushing
B) Downloading
C) Transferring
D) All of the above
✅ B) Downloading

10) Computer memory is made up of:

A) Group of wires
B) Set of circuits
C) Large number of cells
D) All of the above
✅ C) Large number of cells

11) From the below, smallest unit of computer system is:<br>
Binary, Bit, Octal, Bytes

A) Binary
B) Bit
C) Octal
D) Bytes
✅ B) Bit

12) Magnetic Ink Character Reader is an example of:

A) Output device
B) Memory device
C) Plug and play device
D) Input device
✅ ) Input device

13) Which of the following is not a web script language?
PHP, HTML, DSP, None of the above

D) None of the above
✅ ) None of the above

14) If someone press F1 key what action will happen:

A) Display the font menu
B) Check the spelling
C) Run the help
D) Print preview will generate
✅ C) Run the help

16) Most complicated network topology from the below:<br>
Star, Mesh, Ring, Tree

A) Star
B) Mesh
C) Ring
D) Tree
✅ B) Mesh

17) A computer software includes:<br>
Application programs, Operating system and system programs, Utility programs, All of the above

A) Application programs
B) Operating system and system programs
C) Utility programs
D) All of the above
✅ ) All of the above

18) When a file is saved for the first time?<br>
A copy is automatically saved, It must be given a name, File and folder name should be same, It does not require a name

A) A copy is automatically saved
B) It must be given a name
C) File and folder name should be same
D) It does not require a name
✅ B) It must be given a name

19) Draw table tool button can be accessed from:

A) Table and formatting toolbar
B) Standard toolbar
C) Drawing toolbar
D) Formatting toolbar
✅ A) Table and formatting toolbar

20) A ______ is a collection of information saved as units.

A) Folder
B) Path
C) File
D) All of the above
✅ C) File

21) Superscript, subscript, outline, emboss, engrave are known as:

A) Font style
B) Text effects
C) Word art options
D) Font effects
✅ ) Font effects

22) The numbers in table column are usually ______ aligned.

A) Left
B) Right
C) Centre
D) Justified
✅ B) Right

23) A collection of related file is called:

A) Record
B) Field
C) Database
D) All of the above
✅ C) Database

24) Shimmer, Sparkle text, Blinking background etc. are:

A) Text effect
B) Font effect
C) Font style
D) Word art effect
✅ A) Text effect

25) Changing the appearance of documenting is called:

A) Proofing
B) Editing
C) Formatting
D) Text editing
✅ C) Formatting

26) In MS Word we can insert table columns up to:

A) 73
B) 56
C) 43
D) 63
✅ D) 63

27) The feature in word processor to type data in rows and columns are called:

A) Border
B) Design and drawing
C) Table option
D) Insert shapes
✅ C) Table option

28) From the following which is a search engine:<br>
Internet explorer, Firefox, Netscape navigator, Google

A) Internet explorer
B) Firefox
C) Netscape navigator
D) Google
✅ ) Google

29) Computer processing speed is measured in terms of:

A) Kbps
C) MHz
D) None of the above
✅ C) MHz

30) In excel the numerical values can be treated as label values preceded by:

A) Apostrophe (‘)
B) Exclamation (!)
C) Hash (#)
D) Asterisk (*)
✅ A) Apostrophe (‘)

31) The extra space of margin added to top or left side of margin is called:

A) Margin boundary
B) Gutter
C) Left/Right indents
D) All of the above
✅ B) Gutter

32) From the following how can we recall a saved document:
Enter, Copy, Save, Open

A) Enter
B) Copy
C) Save
D) Open
✅ ) Open

33) The arrangements of elements such as title, sub-title, picture, text etc. are called:

A) Layout
B) Presentation
C) Design
D) All of the above
✅ A) Layout

34) The advantage of using spreadsheet:

A) Mathematical calculations can be done easily
B) Formulas and filters can be used
C) Balance sheet can be prepared
D) All of the above
✅ ) All of the above

35) Grammatical errors in a word document are highlighted with:

A) Blue lines
B) Green lines
C) Red lines
D) Yellow lines
✅ B) Green lines

36) ______ is known as Network of Network.

A) Nested Network
B) Mesh Network
C) Internet
D) Intranet
✅ C) Internet

37) The type bars are connected to the segment by means of:

A) Buffer spring
B) Draw cord
C) Key lever
D) Fulcrum wire
✅ ) Fulcrum wire

38) In a D.O. Letter, ‘To’ Address is typed on:

A) The top left side
B) Bottom left side
C) Bottom right side
D) Top right side
✅ B) Bottom left side

39) The step-by-step movement of the carriage is done by:

A) Dog block
B) Segment lever
C) Carriage rack
D) Main spring
✅ A) Dog block

40) The scale between the type guide and the cylinder is:

A) Paper bail scale
B) Marginal scale
C) Line finder scale
D) All of the above
✅ C) Line finder scale

41) Cylinder and Feed roller rotates on the _____ direction.

A) Same
B) Clockwise
C) Opposite
D) No rotation
✅ C) Opposite

42) There are ______ thumb wheels in a typewriter.

A) One
B) Two
C) Both A and B
D) No thumb Wheels
✅ B) Two

43) Line space pawl rotates the _____ to effect the spacing.

A) Lever
B) Carriage
C) Ratchet wheel
D) Paper bail
✅ C) Ratchet wheel

44) Dead key is provided in _____ typewriter.

A) Malayalam
B) English
C) Both Malayalam and English
D) None of the above
✅ A) Malayalam

45) Shift key is used for getting ____ characters while typing.

A) Small case
B) Capital case
C) Numbers
D) All of the above
✅ B) Capital case

46) Pica and Elite are the:

A) Segments
B) Universal Bar system
C) Type heads
D) Scales
✅ C) Type heads

47) Roman Numerals ‘C’ stands for:

A) 10
B) 100
C) 1000
D) 10000
✅ B) 100

48) There are ______ spool shafts in typewriter.

A) 3
B) 1
C) 0
D) 2
✅ ) 2

49) Tabulator bits are also called:

A) Tabulator stops
B) Tabulator roads
C) Tabulator keys
D) All of the above
✅ A) Tabulator stops

50) Key tension can be raised by operating:

A) Key lever
B) Personal touch regulator
C) Key knobs
D) Main shaft adjuster
✅ B) Personal touch regulator

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