National anthem – Janaganamana – PSC Plus Two Level Notes : Part 1

Last Updated On: 30/04/2018
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National Anthem: Here are the Kerala Public Service Commission PSC notes for plus two level exams on topic National Anthem.

National Anthem – Janaganamana

  • Composed by Rabindranadh Tagore
  • It was the first sung at the Kolkata session of the INC on the 27th December 1911 presided by B.N. Dhar
  • Duration of the full version of the national anthem is about 52 seconds
  • Janaganamana was first published in 1912 under the title ‘Bharatha Vidhatha’ in the ‘Tatva Bdhini Patrika’
  • It was originally composed in Bengali language
  • The constituent assembly adopted it as national anthem on 24th January 1950
  • Ragam – Sanakarabharanam
  • The complete stanza of Janaganamana consists of five stanza
  • Ramsing Takur composed the music of national anthem
  • Tagore also composed national anthem for Bangladesh (Amar Sona Bangla)

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