Kerala PSC Degree Level General Knowledge Questions and Answers : Part 59

Last Updated On: 12/05/2018

#581) The shortest of the three lists in the Seventh Schedule of the Constitution:
Ans: Concurren

#582) The south Indian state where President’s rule was imposed for the first time:
Ans: Andhra

#583) The speaker of Lok Sabha submits his resignation to:
Ans: Deputy Speaker

#584) Which Amendment of the Constitution changed its charecterisation from ‘Soverign Democratic Republic’ to ‘Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic’?
Ans: 42nd

#585) Which amendment of the Constitution empowered the Parliament to amend any part of the Constitution including preamble?
Ans: 24

#586) Which amendment of the Constitution gave Assosiated State status to Sikkim?
Ans: 35th

#587) The State in India which has the largest number of Local Self Government Institutions:
Ans: Uttar Pradesh

#588) The Twelfth Schedule was added to the Constitution was added by…… Amendment:
Ans: 74th

#589) The Untouchability Offences Act was passed by the Parliament in:
Ans: 1955

#590) The Winter session of Lok Sabha begins in the month of:
Ans: November

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