Kerala PSC Degree Level General Knowledge Questions and Answers : Part 61

Last Updated On: 12/05/2018

#601) The strength of the council of ministers is …..% of the total number of members.
Ans: 15

#602) The total number of electors including MPs and MLAs for the Presidential Election:
Ans: 4896

#603) To be appointed as the Advocate General of the State,the person should possess the qualifications necessary for appointment as:
Ans: A Judge of the High Court

#604) Under which Article of the Constitution a citizen can approach the High Court if he has been denied Fundamental Rights:
Ans: 226

#605) What according to Ramsay Muir, the ‘steering wheel of the ship of the state’?
Ans: Cabinet

#606) Which Act passed by the British Parliament divided India and Pakistan?
Ans: Indian Independence Act, 1947

#607) Which Article is related to the power of the President to issue ordinances?
Ans: 123

#608) Which Article of the Constitution is related to amenedment procedure?
Ans: 368

#609) Which Article of the Indian Constitution is related to creation of abolition of Legislative Council of the State?
Ans: 169

#610) Any citizen of India over…..years of age can be appointed as Governor:
Ans: 35

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