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Kerala PSC Degree Level General Knowledge Questions and Answers : Part 65

Last Updated On: 16/05/2018
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#641) Writs filed before the Supreme Court under Article …… of the Constitution.-
Ans: 32

#642) The Indian independence Act was passed by:
Ans: British Parliament

#643) A minister should become a member of either house of Parliament within a period of ….. months, if he is not already a member.
Ans: 6

#644) An ordinance made by the Governor automatically ceases to operate on the expiry of ….. from the re-assembly of State Legislature.-
Ans: Six Weeks

#645) The Constitution gives …….. the power to regulate the right of citizenship by law
Ans: Parliament

#646) The Constitution of India describes India as a …… of States
Ans: Union

#647) The Constitution originally mentioned about …… categories of states and territories.
Ans: Four

#648) The Contigecy Fund of a State is in the nature of an imprest, is placed at the disposal of :
Ans: Governor

#649) The details regarding acquisition and termination of Indian Citizenship are enumerated in:
Ans: Indian Citizenship Act, 1955

#650) The ex-officio chairman of the Rules Committee:
Ans: Speaker

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