Kerala PSC Degree Level General Knowledge Questions and Answers : Part 66

Last Updated On: 17/05/2018

#651) The final appellate tribunal in India is:
Ans: Supreme Court

#652) The first state formed on linguistic basis in 1953:
Ans: Andhra

#653) The Fundamental Rights listed under which Article are automatically suspended on the proclamation of emergency due to war?
Ans: 19

#654) The gap between two sessions of the state legislatve assembly should not exceed ….. months.
Ans: 6

#655) The Legislative Council is a continuing house, one third of whose members retire every ….. years.
Ans: 2

#656) The members of the Legislative Council should not exceed ….. of the total number of membership in the state assembly:
Ans: 1/3

#657) The members of the State Public Service Commission are appointed by the _____ and can be removed by the President on the advice of Supreme Court.
Ans: Governor

#658) The minimum age prescribed to become the Governor of a State:
Ans: 35

#659) When was the ninth schedule added to the Constitution?
Ans: 1951

#660) Which Article of the Constitution is related to Finance Commission?
Ans: 280

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