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Kerala PSC Degree Level General Knowledge Questions and Answers : Part 75

Last Updated On: 20/05/2018
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#741) Heathrow airport is in:
(a) London
(b) New York
(c) Chicago
(d) Paris
Ans: (a) London

#742) The first country to make ceramic wares:
(a) India
(b) Egypt
(c) China
(d) Greece
Ans: (c) China

#743) In Rajasthan, Panchayat Raj system was introduced in
(a) 1950
(b) 1959
(c) 1960
(d) 1964
Ans:  (b) 1959

#744) The major part of the Western Ghats lies in the state of:
(a) Tamil Nadu
(b) Karnataka
(c) Kerala
(d) Goa
Ans: (b) Karnataka

#745) Which religion belongs to the Lotus Temple in New Delhi?
(a) Sikh
(b) Parsi
(c) Bahai
(d) Jain
Ans: (c) Bahai

#746) Jayasamhita is the old name of:
(a) Ramayan
(b) Rig Veda
(c) Bhagavat Gita
(d) Mahabharat
Ans: (d) Mahabharat

#747) “Be proud that you are an Indian, proudly claim that I am an Indian, every Indian is my brother” These words are related to:
(a) Gandhiji
(b) Vivekananda
(c) Dayanand Saraswathy
(d) Bal gangadhar Tilak
Ans: (b) Vivekananda

#748) The first film star to become the Chief Minister of an Indian state:
(a) NT Rama Rao
(b) Sivaji Ganeshan
(c) MG Ramachandran
(d) Satrughnan Sinha
Ans: (c) MG Ramachandran

#749) The year of the oath of “Koonan Kurissu’:
(a) 1653
(b) 1599
(c) 1663
(d) 1661
Ans: (a) 1653

#750) In connection with which event, Gandhiji visited Kerala for the second time, in 1925?
(a) Vaikom Satyagraha
(b) Guruvayur Satyagraha
(c) Paliyam Satyagraha
(d) Wagon tragedy
Ans: (a) Vaikom Satyagraha

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