PSC Chief General Manager Model Questions and Answers – Part 2

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PSC Chief General Manager Model Questions and Answers: Part 2

Question Paper Code: 2/2015/OL
Category Code: 297/2011
Exam: Chief General Manager Society Category
Date of Test: 27-01-2015

Part 1: PSC Chief General Manager Model Questions and Answers

1. Who has won the shanti swaroop Bhatnagar award 2014 for Biological science
(A) Roop Malik (B) G.Venkatamohan
(C) Anurag Agarwal (D) K.Ramakrishnaprasad
Answer: A

2. The place where Ayyankali started a school for the depressed classes in 1904
(A) Vizhinjam (B) Varkala
(C) Venganur (D) Panmana
Answer: C

3. ‘Mathrubhoomi’, the national daily in Malayalam started its publication in
(A) 1922 (B) 1923
(C) 1924 (D) 1925
Answer: B

4. What was the slogan for Asian games held at Incheon 2014
(A) Green, Clean and Friendship
(B) We cheer, We share, We win
(C) The Games of your life
(D) Diversity shines Here
Answer: D

5. …………….. is the centre of Mukuthisamaram held in Kerala
(A) Arattupuzha (B) Chengara
(C) Panthalam (D) Chempazhanthi
Answer: C

6. Which amendment of Indian Constitution gave Delhi the title ‘National Capital Territory’
(A) 67 (B) 69
(C) 68 (D) 86
Answer: B

7. Which among the following is the publication of Kerala Grandhasala Sangam
(A) Keli (B) Thaliru
(C) Grandhalokam (D) Malayalee
Answer: C

8. Jeevitha Samaram is the autobiography of ………………
(A) Cherukadu (B) C.Kesavan
(C) T.K.Madhavan (D) Vagbhatananda
Answer: B

9. …………….. is the free medical treatment scheme of Kerala government to children below 18 years suffering severe diseases
(A) Snehitha (B) Thalolam
(C) Kaithangu (D) Kiranam
Answer: B

10. Which among the following was a Bhuddhist centre of ancient Kerala
(A) Vizhinjam (B) Sreemoolavasam
(C) Kanthalur (D) Ezhimalai
Answer: B

11. The minimum number of members required for registration of a cooperative society are
(A) Two (B) Seven
(C) Ten (D) Twenty
Answer: Question Cancelled

12. …………… is the supreme and final authority of a co-operative society
(A) Government (B) The General Body
(C) Registrar (D) Secretary
Answer: B

13. The first co-operative Societies Act in India was passed in the year
(A) 1912 (B) 1904
(C) 1969 (D) 1903
Answer: B

14. The word co-operation is derived from the Latin word
(A) Co-partnership (B) Co-op
(C) Co operari (D) None
Answer: C

15. The home for co-operative store movement
(A) Germany (B) USA
(C) England (D) Denmark
Answer: C

16. The first co-operative minister of Kerala
(A) Joseph Mundassery (B) Sri Baby John
(C) M.V Raghavan (D) None of the above
Answer: A

17. The remuneration given to the president of a society is called
(A) Salary (B) Commission
(C) Honorarium (D) Bonus
Answer: C

18. The co operative society having the area of operation to the whole of the state is called
(A) Primary Co operative Society (B) Apex Society
(C) Central Co operative (D) None of the above
Answer: B

19. The Father of co-operative movement is
(A) Dr Gadgil (B) Robert Owen
(C) Raiffeisen (D) Dr. William King
Answer: B

20. District level co operative banks are known as
(A) Urban Banks (B) Primary Banks
(C) Apex Bank (D) Central Bank
Answer: D

21. To become a member of credit society an individual should have attain the age of
(A) 18 (B) 28
(C) 25 (D) 21
Answer: A

22. The objective of creating reserve fund by the co-operative society is
(A) To meet unforeseen losses
(B) To pay off the debt of the society
(C) to pay off the debts due to government
(D) To pay dividend
Answer: A

23. The motto of cooperative society is based on
(A) all for each
(B) each for all
(C) each for all and all for each
(D) all for all
Answer: C

24. The main refinancing agency of co-operative banks
Answer: C

25. Audit of co operative society is done by
(A) Charted Accountant
(B) Co -operative department of India
(C) Co operative Department of the State
(D) Internal Auditor
Answer: C

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