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Kerala PSC Degree Level General Knowledge Questions and Answers : Part 68

Last Updated On: 17/05/2018
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#671) Who has the right to address the state legislative assembly even though he is not a member of legislative assembly?
Ans: Advocate General

#672) Who decides on the holding of elections to Panchyats?
Ans: State Government

#673) Who decides reasonableness of restrictions imposed on the Fundamental Rights?
Ans:  Supreme Court and High Court

#674) Who determines the composition and conditions of service of a Public Service Commission?
Ans: Governor

#675) Who determines the salary of Attorney General?
Ans: President

#676) Who elected the members of the Constituent Assembly?
Ans: Provincial Assemblies

#677) Who has the power to determine the structure of administration of a Union Territory?
Ans: Parliament

#678) Who has the power to form new state from the territory of any state in India:
Ans: Parliament

#679) Who has the power to transfer a judge of High Court from one High Court to another?
Ans: President

#680) Who headed the Constitution Review Committee appointed in 2000?
Ans: MN Venkitachelliah

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