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PSC Police Sub Inspector Examination-2009 Questions & Answers: Part 1

Last Updated On: 29/04/2018

Here is the Part 1 Questions and answers of PSC Police Sub Inspector Examination which was held on 2009. You can also download the questions in PDF format also.

PSC Police Sub Inspector Examination Questions & Answers Part 1

1. (Questions 1 to 12) Select the sentence or part of a sentence which is grammatically correct from the given alternatives. Identify the right answer among the four choices).

(a) Either the manager or his assistants failed in their duty.

(b) Either the manager his assistants failed in their duty

(c) Either the manager or his assistants failed in his duty

(d) Either the manager nor his assistant failed in their now

Ans:  (a) Either the manager or his assistants failed in their duty.



(a) He used to visit us every week but he is rarely coming duty.

(b) He used to visit us every week but he is rarely comes now

(c) He used to visit us every week by he has rarely come now

(d) None of these

Ans:  (d) None of these


3. The police arrested him. Change the voice

(a) The Police have arrested him

(b) He is being arrested by Police

(c) He was arrested by the Police

(d) He has been arrested by the Police

Ans:  (c) He was arrested by the Police


4. Hedge Hog is the name of :

(a) Country

(b) City

(c) Animal

(d) Planet

Ans:  (c) Animal


5. Most of the letters in English alphabet come from:

(a) Arabic

(b) Italian

(c) Hebrew

(d) Roman

Ans:  (d) Roman


6. The Albatross is an important character in the poem of :

(a) William Wordsworth

(b) Samuel Taylor Coleridge

(c) Shelley

(d) Byron

Ans:  (b) Samuel Taylor Coleridge


7. A Marsupial is a mammal which has:

(a) Pouch

(b) Wings

(c) Camouflage

(d) Poisonous tooth

Ans:  (a) Pouch


8. ‘A stitch in the time saves nine’ means:

(a) Do the stitching on your own

(b) A timely act will prevent further trouble

(c) Nine can be saved if you stitch properly

(d) None of these

Ans:  (b) A timely act will prevent further trouble


9. Zip code means :

(a) system of control traffic

(b) System of fix rates for items

(c) System of simplify mail sorting

(d) None of these

Ans:  (d) None of these


10. Effluent means:

(a) Liquid waste

(b) halo effect

(c) Wealth

(d) Flattery

Ans:  (a) Liquid waste


11. One who sneers and shows contempt for riches and enjoyment is :

(a) Satirist

(b) Cynic

(c) Philosopher

(d) Sadist

Ans:  (b) Cynic


12. Calipurnia is a character in Shakespeare’s :

(a) Hamlet

(b) Twelfth Night

(c) Othello

(d) Julius Ceasar

Ans:  (d) Julius Ceasar

(Questions 13-21. Select the correct word from the alternatives to fill in the blank space)

13. I have been awaken ——five hours

(a) since

(b) in

(c) for

(d) from

Ans:  (c) for


14. As he was cleaning his gun, it went ——— and killed him

(a) off

(b) out

(c) away

(D) up

Ans:  (a) off


15. Without careful nursing the patient can’t pull —————-

(a) up

(b) through

(c) out

(d) Along

Ans:  (b) through


16. He attributed his success ——— sheer luck.

(a) for

(b) to

(c) by

(d) with

Ans:  (b) to


17. Nobody answered it, …………………. ?

(a) Did he

(b) Didn’t

(c) Didn’t they

(d) Did they

Ans:  (d) Did they


18. I advised him ———

(a) Not resign his job

(b) To not resign his job

(c) Not to resign his job

(d) To don’t resign his job

Ans:  (c) Not to resign his job


19. I ———— him since his childhood

(a) know

(b) have known

(c) knew

(d) am knowing

Ans:  (b) have known


20. Have some more rice ……………….?

(a) Will you

(b) Don’t you

(c) Haven’t you

(d) Won’t you

Ans:  (d) Won’t you


21. You ——— cross the road when the lights are red.

(a) can

(b) must

(c) mustn’t

(d) needn’t

Ans:  (c) mustn’t


22. The Commonwealth Games were earlier called :

(a) British Colonies Sports Festival

(b) British Empire Sports Festival

(c) Royal Colonies Games

(d) None of these

Ans:  (b) British Empire Sports Festival


23. C.V. Raman discovered Raman Effect of scattered light on February 28 :

(a) In the year of 1931

(b) In the year of 1930

(c) In the year of 1928

(d) In the year of 1940

Ans:  (c) In the year of 1928


24. Swami Vivekananda was born in Culcutta on January 12 :

(a) In the year of 1865

(b) In the year of 1868

(c) In the year of 1864

(d) In the year of 1863

Ans:  (d) In the year of 1863


25. In 1878, the following newspaper was published with G.S. Aiyer as the editor:

(a) The Tribune

(b) The Hindu

(c) The Deccan Herald

(d) The Times of India

Ans:  (b) The Hindu


26. The world’s second largest country is

(a) Russia

(b) India

(c) Germany

(d) Canada

Ans:  (d) Canada


27. The founder of Dakshin Bharath Hindi Prachar Sabha is:

(a) C.Rajagopalachari

(b) Dr.Radhakrishnan

(c) Makhan Lal

(d) Rantirth

Ans:  (a) C.Rajagopalachari


28. Ampere is the unit of :

(a) Flow of electric current

(b) Electromotive force

(c) Electric Power

(d) All the above

Ans:  (a) Flow of electric current


29. For measuring the depth of ocean, the instrument used is called :

(a) Hydrometer

(b) Fathometer

(c) Fathom

(d) Magnetometer

Ans:  (b) Fathometer


30. Dry ice is :

(a) Solid Hydrogen

(b) Ice when kept below 0 0C

(c) Solid Carbon dioxide

(d) Ice which is dried

Ans:  (c) Solid Carbon dioxide


31. Arterial blood pressure is measured by:

(a) Manometer

(b) Cardiograph

(c) Sphygmomanometer

(d) Barometer

Ans: (c) Sphygmomanometer


32. The effects of hormones on the body is :

(a) Stimulation of organs

(b) Catalytic functions

(c) Proper growth

(d) co-ordination of functions of different organs

Ans:  (a) Stimulation of organs


33. Asteroids are:

(a) Pieces of falling stars

(b) Rocks found on the moon

(c) Satellites of other planets

(d) Very small planets revolving around the sun

Ans:  (d) Very small planets revolving around the sun


34. A plant with green leaves placed in red light will appear:

(a) Black

(b) Green

(c) Red

(d) Violet

Ans:  (a) Black


35. Who said, “A body will remain at rest unless an external force act on the body” ?

(a) Newton

(b) Einstein

(c) Archimedes

(d) Galileo

Ans:  (a) Newton


36. The oil in which an oil lamp rises up due to:

(a) Pressure difference

(b) Low viscosity of oil

(c) Capillary action

(d) Gravitational force

Ans:  (c) Capillary action


37. An echo is produced by the —–––––– of sound waves.

(a) Refraction

(b) Absorption

(c) Reflection

(d) Diffraction

Ans:  (c) Reflection


38. Coating of iron with zinc is known as :

(a) Galvanization

(b) Electroplating

(c) Ionization

(d) None of these

Ans:  (a) Galvanization


39. A red light is used in a traffic signal because:

(a) It has the longest wavelength and can easily be noticed

(b) It is beautiful

(c) It is visible to people with bad eyesight

(d) It is the colour of danger

Ans:  (a) It has the longest wavelength and can easily be noticed


40. In diesel engine, ignition takes place by:

(a) Compression

(b) Electrical Spark

(c) Dynamo

(d) Battery

Ans:  (a) Compression


41. Which of the following metal is used in aircraft ?

(a) Chromium

(b) Titanium

(c) Palladium

(d) None of these

Ans:  (b) Titanium


42. A fuse wire is used to :

(a) To make the electrical circuit strong

(b) Convert AC to DC

(c) Convert DC to AC

(d) Prevent on unduly high electric current to pass through the circuit

Ans:  (d) Prevent on unduly high electric current to pass through the circuit


43. A sudden fall in the barometer indicates

(a) Clear weather

(b) Hailstorm

(c) Storm

(d) Heavy rainfall

Ans:  (c) Storm


44. The terminal colours of rainbow are

(a) Violet and red

(b) Violet and green

(c) Red and green

(d) Red and blue

Ans:  (a) Violet and red


45. The best conductor of electricity is

(a) Iron

(b) Aluminium

(c) Copper

(d) Silver

Ans:  (d) Silver


46. When milk is churned, the cream from it is separated due to

(a) Gravitational force

(b) Centrifugal force

(c) Frictional force

(d) Heat

Ans:  (b) Centrifugal force


47. Solder is an alloy of

(a) Tin and lead

(b) Tin and zinc

(c) Zinc and lead

(d) Zinc and copper

Ans:  (a) Tin and lead


48. Amalgams are the compounds which always contain:

(a) Al

(b) Hg

(c) Zn

(d) Cu

Ans:  (b) Hg


49. Which pair is incorrect ?

(a) Tannic acid : leather

(b) Lactic acid : milk

(c) Amino acid : protein

(d) Acetic acid : vinegar

Ans:  (a) Tannic acid : leather


50. The chemical name of quartz is :

(a) Calcium oxide

(b) Calcium phosphate

(c) Sodium phosphate

(d) Sodium silicate

Ans:  (d) Sodium silicate


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