PSC LDC General English Model Questions & Answers [Part 9]

Last Updated On: 29/04/2018

Here is the part 9 of the PSC LD Clerk General English Model Questions and answers. You may also download the PDF document of the questions and answers.

PSC LDC General English Model Questions

Sport the Error:

1. (A) You / (B) will be punished / (C) if you will come late. / (D) no error

Ans: (C) if you will come late

2. (A) I / (B) would resign / (C) if I am you. / (D) no error

Ans: (C) if I am you

3. (A) I / (B) wish / (C) I have a car. / (D) no error

Ans: (C) I have a car

4. (A) It is time / (B) we / (C) leave. / (D) no error

Ans: (C) leave

5. (A) I ran / (B) fast and /(C) I could catch the bus. /(D) no error

Ans: (C) I could catch the bus

6. (A) I want / (B) that you should / (C) work hard. / (D)no error

Ans: (B) that you should

7. (A) I suggest / (B) you to see / (C) a doctor. / (D) no error

Ans: (B) you to see

8. (A) The teacher made / (B) the boys to sweep / (C) the class room. (D) no error

Ans: (B) the boys to sweep

Fill in the blanks with appropriate words:

9. We saw no-one we knew, —————?

(A) didn’t one

(B) did we

(C) didn’t we

(D) didn’t one

Ans: (B) did we

10. Iraq war was ——— one sided affair .

(A) a

(B) an

(C) the

(D) that

Ans: (A) a

11. These are the books without ——— you can not write the examination .

(A) that

(B) whom

(C) who

(D) which

Ans: (D) which

12. If I were you, I ———— that scooter.

(A) will not buy

(B) wouldn’t buy

(C) shall not buy

(D) didn’t buy

Ans: (B) wouldn’t buy

13. My sister is very good —-——-— cooking.

(A) in

(B) about

(C) at

(D) for

Ans: (C) at

14. That girl isn’t very attractive, ———————?

(A) is that

(B) is it

(C) isn’t she

(D) is she

Ans: (D) is she

15. Of my three daughters she is —————.

(A) elder

(B) the eldest

(C) older

(D) oldest

Ans: (B) the eldest

16. This way is ———— the best.

(A) much

(B) many

(C) a few

(D) none of these

Ans: (A) much

17. Mary is ——— older than what she appears.

(A) many

(B) much

(C) very few

(D) none of these

Ans: (B) much

18. There are ——— than twenty boys in the class.

(A) lesser

(B) less

(C) few

(D) fewer

Ans: (D) fewer

19. Has anyone ever called you a fool ? (Turn into passive )

(A) Have you ever been called a fool ?

(B) Has you ever called a fool ?

(C) Were you ever called a fool ?

(D) none of these

Ans: (A) Have you ever been called a fool ?

20. Most of the houses in this street ——— new.

(A) are

(B) is

(C) was

(D) none of these

Ans: (A) are

21. This is the matter ———— I am proud.

(A) which

(B) that

(C) who

(D) of which

Ans: (D) of which

22. There are —— interesting poems in this collection .

(A) any

(B) neither

(C) some

(D) an

Ans: (C) some

23. I wish I ——— a computer .

(A) had

(B) have

(C) will have

(D) would have

Ans: (A) had

24. He wore a mask so that nobody ———— him .

(A) would recognize

(B) won’t recognize

(C) can recognize

(D) may recognize

Ans: (A) would recognize

25. I will give my telephone number ———— to contact me .

(A) in case you will need

(B) in case you would need

(C) in case you need

(D) in case you may need

Ans: (C) in case you need

26. The new manager has ————— many changes .

(A) brought about

(B) brought round

(C) brought up

(D) brought off

Ans: (A) brought about

27. When I came in , a cat ——— in my chair .

(A) sleeping

(B) is sleeping

(C) slept

(D) was sleeping

Ans: (D) was sleeping

28. You should bring your hall ticket with you to the examination hall ——— you will not be allowed to enter the hall .

(A) as a result

(B) if so

(C) otherwise

(D) however

Ans: (C) otherwise

29. I spoke to her ————.

(A) in the telephone

(B) on the telephone

(C) by the telephone

(D) with the telephone

Ans: (B) on the telephone

30. They went home after they ———— their work .

(A) finished

(B) had finished

(C) were finished

(D) would finish

Ans: (B) had finished

31. A collection of cattle is ————.

(A) crowd

(B) flock

(C) pack

(D) herd

Ans: (D) herd

32. A baby horse is called —————.

(A) calf

(B) kid

(C) foal

(D) cub

Ans: (C) foal

33. The table is made ————— wood .

(A) in

(B) with

(C) by

(D) of

Ans: (D) of

34. The old man is accused ————— stealing .

(A) of

(B) with

(C) for

(D) in

Ans: (A) of

35. I visited ———— University of Harward in the USA .

(A) a

(B) an

(C) the

(D) none of these

Ans: (C) the

36. I would have helped my neighbor if —————.

(A) he will have helped me

(B) he would help me

(C) he has helped me

(D) he had helped me

Ans: (D) he had helped me

37. I have been getting my life ———— recently .

(A) organize

(B) organizing

(C) organized

(D) has organized

Ans: (C) organized

38. A person who is absent minded often ———— things .

(A) remembers

(B) recalls

(C) ignores

(D) forgets

Ans: (C) ignores

39. Neither the commander nor his soldiers ———— to blame.

(A) is

(B) are

(C) am

(D) has

Ans: (B) are

40. Stars —— in the sky .

(A) twinkled

(B) twinkles

(C) twinkle

(D) twinkling

Ans: (C) twinkle

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