PSC Exam Preparation : 10 Tips You Should Know

Last Updated On: 09/10/2020
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Are you searching for PSC Exam preparation tips? Then you are in the right place. Here I’m sharing you 10 tips you should know if you are preparing for PSC examination.

Most of the PSC learners are preparing for the exam in the last month or the week of the examination. These tips are for those who want to prepare for the examination within less time.

PSC Exam Preparation: 10 Tips You Should Know

  1. The Time management is the most important thing in the PSC exam preparation. You should know that you have very limited time, so try to attend psc mock test and PSC quiz than reading a lot of from PSC Books.
  2. Even if you have limited time, start from basics, basics are the roots.
  3. Give equal importance to the whole subjects.
  4. Try to learn latest GK Questions.
  5. Go through the PSC previous questions papers.
  6. Solve the PSC Model Questions.
  7. Collect most repeated PSC questions.
  8. For the General English section, get a simple grammar book and go through it.
  9. Avoid smoking, drinking and all sorts of drugs at all costs. And Drink a lot of water. Have at least 6 hours of sleep daily.
  10. Keep Focused.

I hope these PSC Exam Preparation tips might help you for your examination.

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