Best Courses After Plus Two Commerce

Last Updated On: 15/02/2021
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Commerce stream is a wonderful stream that provides a plethora of career options to opt for. There are a lot of opportunities for commerce students, here are the best courses after plus two commerce.

Commerce stream is more preferable for the aspirants having the interest to achieve a career in professional companies and as well as established industries. It paves a great way to creative professions for those who have creative leanings.

The stream provides vast opportunities for accomplishing a wonderful career. Some of the important commerce courses include:

Best Courses After Plus Two Commerce: Choose Your Career

Here we discuss the best courses after plus two commerce as undergraduate and professional courses.

Undergraduate Courses After 12th Commerce

Some undergraduate courses you can choose after plus two commerce are:

Bachelor of Management Studies:

Courses After Plus Two Commerce

This course is an undergraduate program for management studies which is offered by several universities throughout the world. The course provides in-depth knowledge of Human Resource Management, Economics, and Business Studies.

BMS also gives an opportunity to make knowledge in the areas of New Business Techniques, Entrepreneurship, Trading, Finance, Stock, etc.

The BMS allows you to acquire the knowledge and skills required to assume management positions in a wide range of Organisations.

Duration: 3 Years

Career Opportunities or Job Positions: HR Executive, Quality Manager, Business Development Executive, Assistant Manager

Top Recruiting Areas: Business Firms, Academic Institutions, Marketing & Sales, Banks, Finance & Retailing, Consultancy, Self-Employment, etc.

Bachelor of  Economics:

Best Courses After Plus Two Commerce

The students who are most passionate about numbers and curious about how markets work, this course is most preferable and it paves the way to achieve the dreams of those kinds of students.

You will have a better understanding of the world around you and it will also inevitably teach you how to make important choices in life, from what career you should choose, to where you should invest your money. The course will give you insights into the financial situations of the country.

Duration: 4 Years

Career Opportunities or Job Positions: Financial Risk Analyst, Auditor, Economic Consultant, Financial Manager, etc.

Top Recruiting Areas: Banking, Teaching, Finance, Media & Retail.

Bachelor of  Commerce in Accounting & Finance:

Best Courses After Plus Two Commerce

Bachelor in Commerce(Bcom) in Accounting & Finance is an undergraduate course that provides a wonderful opportunity to learn and explore the areas like Fundamentals of Accounting & Finance Practices.

By studying this course, every individual can learn the technical skills associated with many of the procedures of Accounting Standards and Finance Analysis.

Duration: 3 Years

Career Opportunities or Job Positions: Financial Analyst, Account Executive, Operations Manager, Accountant, Lecturer, Executive Assistant, Chartered Accountant, Accounts Assistant, SAP Consultant, Finance Manager, etc.

Top Recruiting Areas: Tata Consultancy Services(TCS) Limited, Accenture, Genpact, EY(Ernst & Young), J.P.Morgan Chase & co.(JPMCC), HDFC Bank Pvt Ltd, HSBC, Wipro, Inc, Kotak Mahindra Bank, etc.

Bachelor of Commerce in Banking & Insurance:

Bachelor in Commerce(Bcom) in Banking & Insurance is a full-time undergraduate course that handles various financial activities associated with banking and insurance sectors which have 6 semesters.

It provides deep ideas about Regulatory Agencies, Global Markets and it also gives an opportunity to learn lessons about Lending Finance, Bank Management, Investing, Customer Service Skills, and Commercial, public and private banking.

Duration: 3 Years

Career Opportunities or Job Positions: Accountant, Financial Advisor, Marketing Agent, Sales Representative, among others.

Top Recruiting Areas: Banks, Investments, Insurance Industry, Savings & Loan Associations, and such.

Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Markets:

It is an undergraduate course in Financial Markets, which is divided across 6 semesters. The course is typically defined as having transparent pricing, basic regulations on trading, costs, and fees, and market forces.

The study of Bachelor of Commerce(BCom) in Financial Markets depicts the ideas about the mechanisms that enable people to trade financial securities, Stocks, and commodities in the market.

The corresponding course is well-equipped to understand the risks, money, economics as well as legal parameters of a Financial Markets in depth.

Duration: 3 Years

Career Opportunities or Job Positions: Finance Controller, Treasurer, Finance Officer, Credit & Cash Manager, Risk Manager, Financial Market Advisory, Money Markets Dealer, Financial Research Manager, Financial Planning Manager, Trainee Associate, Financial Planning Consultant, etc.

Top Recruiting Areas: Business Consultancies, Educational Institutes, Public Accounting Firms, Industrial Houses, Foreign Trade, Policy Planning, Banks, Budget Planning, Merchant Banking, Inventory Control, Marketing, etc.

Professional Courses

There are some professional degree courses that will ensure you start your right career after your graduation. The aspirants must be sure that you choose the course that interests you, so you can make a good career that you love and do exceedingly well.

Generally,  these courses are usually tough, but with hard work and dedication, you can perform well.

These following are the best professional courses you can choose after plus two commerce.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA):

This course duration is 3years long and this is considered as a stepping stone for MBA (Mastery in Business Administration). The course is preferable to the aspirants who want to achieve a good career as a manager or the persons who overlook the Administrative position.

BBA provides exposure to Business Management. Numerous universities also provide more integrated courses.

Duration: 3 Years

Subjects: Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Statistics, Human Resource, etc.

Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS):

Bachelor of Business Studies is a professional course, which is almost similar to BBA, but, the degree focuses on the practical aspects of Business Management. The course provides a plethora of good career opportunities to opt for.

The BBS course focuses on providing in-depth knowledge in Business Studies and Administration-related fields, etc.

The main feature of the course is, it not only focuses on the theoretical study but by pursuing BBS from well-recognized colleges/institutes students learn various skills such as Entrepreneurship skills, Communication Skills, Interpersonal Skills, and Analytical Skills.

Duration: 3 Years

Subjects: Financial Accounting, Business Communication, Organizational Behaviour,  Marketing Management, Project Management & Entrepreneurship, etc.

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA):

Bachelor of Computer Application is a wonderful professional course that is more suitable for the aspirants who want to make a step in the IT industry and who wish to delve into computer languages.

This course gives lots of ideas about Computer Languages like C, C++, Java, etc, and its applications in business, industry, and more.

Duration: 3 Years

Subjects: Networking, Data Structuring, Database Development & Programming Languages.

Chartered Accountancy (CA):

Chartered Accountancy is difficult education streams that pursue to become a Chartered Accountants.  Completion of this course in a few years is considered valuable.

The  CA course in a few years is now reduced to 3 to 5 years. Once you become a Chartered Accountant, your career and earning prospects skyrocket.

Duration: 3  to 5 Years

Subjects: Auditing, Tax Laws, Taxation, Business Laws & Corporate Laws.

Bachelor of Laws (LLB):

After twelfth, you can choose for an integrated law course that usually lasts up to a period of 5 years. If the course is completed, then you are a qualified lawyer, who can practice.

LLB candidates need to take part in regular theory classes, mood courts, internships, and as well as tutorial work.

Duration: 3 to 5 Years

Subjects: Labour Laws, Industrial Laws, Property Laws, Banking Laws, Company Laws, Environmental Laws, Family Laws, HumanRights Laws & more.

Best Creative Courses after Plus Two Commerce

There are some creative courses that commerce plus two students can choose for their higher studies.

Journalism & Mass Communication:

Journalism and Mass Communication is a 3 year lasts undergraduate creative degree program which is most suitable for the students who is wishing to pursue their career in the media industry.

Students who have flair for writing and to perform other creative acts should consider a Journalism & Mass Communication Degree.

Duration: 3 Years

Career Opportunities or Job Positions: Newspaper Reporter, TV News Reporter, News Editor,  Digital Media Journalist, Camera Manager, Creative Designer, News Presenter, etc.

Top Recruiting Areas: NDTV, Aaj Tak, BBC, CNN, The Hindustan Times, TOI, The Hindu, Indian Express, India Today, Radio Mirchi, Radio City, Zee Entertainment, Red FM, etc.

Animation & Multimedia Courses:

Aspirants who are interested in Animation and other multimedia courses like 2D, 3D, and graphics design can go for the Animation & Multimedia Courses. In recent days, Animation Artists have huge demand.

Now, India became the hub for animation works. So, salaries and growth opportunities are much higher for the course.

Duration: 3 Years

Career Opportunities or Job Positions: 3D Character Modeller, Texture Painting Artist, Character Setup Artist, 3D Character Animator, Look Finalization Artist, CG Compositing Artist, Animation Director, Asset Supervisor, etc.

Top Recruiting Areas: Planetariums, Universities, Local Government, The Armed Forces, Private Companies, Environmental Consultancies, Environmental Protection Agencies, Utilities, Charities, Information systems Organizations, Industry, etc.

Bachelor of Game Design:

Game Design is a professional course that is more suitable for the aspirants who are interested in developing games and also having a desire to know about the background details behind the Gaming.

The course will let you get started with design & develop games using the latest and most know technologies in the game industry.

Duration: 3 Years

Career Opportunities or Job Positions: Game Animator, Game Audio Engineer, Game Designer, Game Programmer, Creative Game Director, Game Artist, Game Marketer, QA Game Tester, Game System Designer, etc.

Top Recruiting Areas: Broadcasting Companies, Creative Agencies, Advertising Firms, Hardware  & Software Distributors, Event Organisers, Trade & Retail Organisations, Software Developers, Education Providers & Education Resource Supporters, etc.

Bachelor of Fashion Design:

There are always fierce competitions and challenges around for every Fashion Designer beyond the stylish and glamorous lifestyle of them.

The fashion Designing profession involves an array of skills that range from market research and creativity to sketching and fabric selection.

Duration: 3 Years

Career Opportunities or Job Positions: Fashion Designer, Fashion Merchandiser/buyer, Fashion Marketing or PR Specialist, Fashion Journalist or Blogger, Fashion Product Manager, etc.

Top Recruiting Areas: Corporate Businesses, MNCs, Consulting Firms, Colleges & Universities, Garment Stores, Textile Mills, Media Houses, Leather Companies, etc.

Bachelor of Event Management:

There is no special or certified qualification required to excel in Event Management. Simply, it refers to an act of Planning, running, Coordinating, and organizing an event for people, teams, communities, etc and is an extremely creative field and aspirants need to possess excellent communication skills as well as be willing to work odd and long hours in order to be successful in this area.

Career Opportunities or Job Positions: Event Manager, Marketing Manager, Business Development Executive, Event Accounts Manager, Event Coordinator, Wedding Planner, etc.

Top Recruiting Areas: Wizcraft, Percept, Tafcon, Cineyug, Pegasus, 70 EMG, Encompass Events, Procam Running, Showtime Group, Cox & Kings, etc.

Author: Abhaya Sasidharan

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