Highest Paid Government Jobs in India

Last Updated On: 25/05/2022
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Every year, millions of candidates apply for government jobs in India. People have been preferring government jobs for since long period as the most reliable one and also it became the first choice among the youth. Some of highest paid government jobs in India are much better than private jobs in top private companies.

Even many people are switching from highly paid cooperative professions to government jobs by considering the factors like less working stress, perks, good working environment, and security of government sector jobs.

Highest Paid Government Jobs in India

Civil Services Officer

It includes most glamourous professions like IAS, IPS, IFS, and IES Officers.

Highest Paid Government Jobs in India - Civil Services

IAS Officer

Indian Administrative Services (IAS) Officer is one of the most prestigious and best government jobs in  India and is rated as an A-Grade government job. The vital duties of an IAS officer include: maintain laws, and order, administrates revenue, and many more.

Prestigious powers in their hands and also the security of the job makes the job more desirable and attractive among the young generation. The officers have benefits like awesome accommodation generally big bungalow at very minimal rent with this provides its cook, gardener, security guard, and servant.

IAS Officer is not the highest paid government jobs in India, but it is one of them and most powerful government job.

Examination to be cleared: UPSC (Union Public Service Commission)  Civil Services

Eligibility: Graduation

Salary: Above 50K

IPS Officer

Indian Police Service (IPS) is considered as the most reputed profession just after IAS and it is a highly respected post in the internal security system of India. These prestigious careers are the most sought-after government jobs in India.

The corresponding officers get a big bungalow facility, security guards along with conventional vehicles, and as well as get great opportunities for studying in foreign countries without any cost.

Examination to be cleared: UPSC (Union Public Service Commission)  Civil Services

Eligibility: Graduation

Salary: Above 50K

Indian Foreign Services

Indian Foreign Services (IFS) is one of the posts which is recruited and civil service exams for the corresponding recruitment is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission.

The officers in the corresponding position spend half of their lives in foreign countries, and also they have to spend three years just in one country.

 Examination to be cleared: UPSC (Union Public Service Commission)  Civil Services

Eligibility: Graduation

Salary: 60K

Indian Forest Services

Indian Forest Services (IFS) is also a respectful post and it is considered the best job for nature-loving aspirants because they have to work in between wildlife and forest areas. This job makes a preference to live in the lap of nature and enjoy the pristine environment.

The officers get furnished houses with helper facilities, an official vehicle with a driver, and also get subsidized electricity.

 Examination to be cleared: UPSC (Union Public Service Commission)  Civil Services

Eligibility: Graduation

Salary: 52K

Defense services

The position in the field of Defence is considered precarious and challenging too. But, candidates can receive excellent promotion facilities, excellent accommodation facilities with free ration allowance, and as well as get a pension after their retirement.

The allocation of uniforms, transport, and children’s education in other countries are the other facilities provided by the authority.

 Examination to be cleared: N.D.A  (For Lieutenant Post), AFCAT (For Flying Officer), CDS (For Sub-Lieutenant Post)

Eligibility: After 12th (For Lieutenant Post), Graduation (For Flying Officer & Sub-Lieutenant Post)

Salary: 60K

Scientists in ISRO and DRDO

The Engineering candidates are more suitable for the corresponding job, they can easily apply for the post if they are interested in the field of developing and researching department.

Scientists in ISRO and DRDO are also facilitated with more benefits like excellent accommodation in any other place, permission to travel in vehicles freely on any other site, can have free food materials in the canteen and they also get the right amount of bonus after six months of working.

Post: Scientist

Eligibility: Masters in Respective Field

Salary: 60K

RBI Grade B Officer

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Grade B  is one of the prestigious jobs in India, which is a high-level managerial job of RBI. The responsibilities of RBI Officers include: managing all the government accounts and issues, checking and maintaining financial stability, and circulation.

They receive many benefits like free medical facilities, house loans, and a car loan at the subsidized simple interest rate, and also there are a lot of allowances such as petrol allowance, maid allowance, mobile allowance, allowance, etc.

Examination to be cleared: RBI Grade B

Eligibility: Masters in Respective Field or Equivalent

Salary: Above 60K

Jobs in PSU

Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) is a preferable option for the engineers who do not like corporate lifestyle, which provides job security as well as salaries comparable to private counterparts. Most Maharatnas like ONGC, IOCL, and BHEL have almost similar salaries with minor modifications.

PSU aspirants can receive a number of allowances such as Company accommodation or HRA, Shift allowance (it increases the salary by 3K – 4K), special compensatory off for plant-based location, house maintenance, Transport Subsidy, subsidized canteen, furniture allowance, laptop allowance, etc.

Examination to be cleared: GATE

Eligibility: Bsc/ Btech/ BE or Equivalent

Salary: 52K or more

State Services Commissions

State Service Commissions officials are just below the ranks of directly recruited officers through the UPSC. Many number of exams like SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrate), ETO (Excise and Taxation Officer), DSP(Deputy Superintendent of Police), Tehsildar, etc are conducted by various state for the candidates.

The salary range of the commission may vary according to the particular state. They get several incentives that include vehicle, decrement in electricity, furnished house, a driver for the car, and much more.

Post: Various Posts

Job Profile: SDM, ETO, DSP, etc

Salary: 35K to 45K

Lecturers in Government Colleges

Highest Paid Government Jobs in India - college lecturer

The profession as a lecturer is simply fantastic and it is said to be the most peaceful job because you get enough free time in your daily routine. The salary of the corresponding job depends on the working experience of the teacher, and the senior teacher gets more salary than the junior teachers.

Many incentives are provided such as accommodation facilities, medical care, and as well as laptop provisions.

Post: Lecturer

Examination to be cleared: UGC Net with JRF

Eligibility: Master’s Degree

Salary: 40K to 100K

ASO in the Ministry of External Affairs

ASO in MEA is a great position to achieve and the biggest incentive of working in MEA is foreign positions. An ASO can get 6 foreign postings-each postings having a time period of 3 years throughout the career.

There are many incentives are provided like accommodation, free medical facilities in the best hospitals in the country where you are posted.

Post: ASO

Examination to be cleared: SSC CGL

Eligibility: Graduation

Salary: 1.25 lakh-1.8  lakh

Government Doctor

Highest Paid Government Jobs in India - government doctors

The government doctor is said to be a profession having its dignity and mankind and also it is the most respectful and best government job in India. Every doctor is treated respectfully by the people because the doctor saves a life.

The government acquires good advantages like a better class of patients, good environmental conditions, etc. The benefits of being a doctor are that, receive a high salary, stable job, protection against medicolegal issues, good accommodation, free about hospital maintenance costs, good reputation in society, etc.

Government Doctor is the top one in the list of highest paid government jobs in India if we look the average salary.

Post: Doctor

Eligibility: MBBS with any Specialisation

Salary: 4 lakh or more

Bank PO

The Bank PO (Probationary Officer)  is generally a public sector job with a good reputation and it is also considered to be glamourous and one of the best government jobs in India. There are many opportunities in the field such as Risk, Audit, Operations, Credit, etc.

Managerial work is also included in the duty of Bank PO which is like deciding for the benefit of the bank, managing cash balance, etc. There are many incentives provided for the officials like: Chances of foreign posting, attractive salary, awesome allowances, leased house accommodation, medical benefits, furniture allowance, etc.

Post: Assistant Manager or Deputy Manager

Eligibility: Graduate

Salary: 35K or more

Author: Abhaya Sasidharan

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