PSC Medical Records Librarian Grade II Model Questions and Answers

Last Updated On: 30/04/2018
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PSC Medical Records Librarian Grade II Model Questions and Answers: Here are the model questions and answers for Medical Records Librarian Grade II PSC examination. These are the previous asked questions for the PSC Medical Records Librarian Grade II Examination.

PSC Medical Records Librarian Grade II Model Questions and Answers

Category Code: 102/2011
Question Paper Code: 5/2014/OL
Exam: Medical Records Librarian Gr II
Date of Test: 15-12-2014

1. Medical Audit is to assess the ………….. of medical records.
(A) Quantity (B) Quality
(C) Efficiency (D) Quantity & Quality
Answer: B

2. ……………… is known as key of medical records.
(A) Diagonosis index (B) Address index
(C) Name Index (D) Doctors name index
Answer: C

3. In ICD-‘U’ code is for ………….
(A) Not specified site (B) Future expansion
(C) No sub site (D) Unknown site
Answer: B

4. World health day is ……………
(A) 7 th February (B) 7 th June
(C) 7 th April (D) 7 th August
Answer: C

5. This part of the word is found following the stem and gives further information about the stem. It is …………..
(A) Prefix (B) Root
(C) Suffix (D) Combining vowel
Answer: C

6. Normally an adult has ……….. of blood.
(A) 3 to 4 litres (B) 5 to 6 litres
(C) 6 to 7 litres (D) 4 to 5 litres
Answer: B

7. Write medical term of an accumulation of blood in the uterus.
(A) Hematometra (B) Hematometry
(C) Hematomyelia (D) Hematoma
Answer: A

8. Most occurring value in a series of data is known as ……………
(A) Mean (B) Median
(C) Mode (D) Standard deviation
Answer: C

9. Luoco means
(A) White (B) Yellow
(C) Blue (D) Red
Answer: A

10. A patient has only one case record into which all documents relating to past and present medical care are placed.
(A) In patient record (B) Out patient record
(C) Comprehensive record (D) Decentralized record
Answer: C

11. Computerized X-ray of layers of tissue is known as ………………
(A) PET scan (B) MRI
(C) CT scan (D) USS
Answer: C

12. The patient has a right to get …………… of medical records.
(A) Copy (B) Original
(C) E-mail (D) Scanning
Answer: A

13. World cancer day
(A) February 4 (B) March 4
(C) April 4 (D) October 4
Answer: A

14. Write medical terms of a muscle having two heads
(A) Biceps (B) Bicyps
(C) Bilateral (D) Bicups
Answer: A

15. ………… has the shortest access times
(A) Cache memory (B) Virtual memory
(C) Secondary memory (D) All of the above
Answer: A

16. Enlargement of salivary gland
(A) Siladenitis (B) Sialadenoma
(C) Sialadenopathy (D) Sialden
Answer: C

17. The other name of food pipe is ……………..
(A) Oropharynx (B) Oesophagus
(C) Larynx (D) Nasopharynx
Answer: B

18. Any bed meant for over night stay is known as ……………
(A) IP bed (B) OP bed
(C) Casualty bed (D) Ward bed
Answer: A

19. Medical records are the property of
(A) Hospital (B) Patient
(C) Relative (D) Physicians
Answer: A

20. Death occurring in the hospital before and after 48 hours of admission is known as ……………. death.
(A) Gross death (B) Net death
(C) Ward death (D) Hospital death
Answer: A

21. Name the media which provide interactive health care utilizing modern technology in hospitals is ……………
(A) TV (B) Intercom
(C) Telemedicine (D) AIR
Answer: C

22. What do you mean by Tid 6/12 in a discharge summary
(A) Two times a day (B) Four times a day
(C) Three times a day (D) Four times a day
Answer: C

23. Who is the consumer of a hospital
(A) Patients (B) Public
(C) Sibling (D) Children
Answer: A

24. What is the full form of AT in the IBM PC-AT ?
(A) Applied technology (B) Advanced technology
(C) Additional technology (D) None of the above
Answer: B

25. Thoracic region consists of ………….. bones
(A) Seven (B) Twelve
(C) Five (D) Four
Answer: B

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