PSC Secretariat Assistant/Auditor Model Questions and Answers – Part 2

Last Updated On: 30/04/2018

PSC Secretariat Assistant/Auditor Model Questions and Answers – Part 2

Question Paper Code: 04/2013
Date of Test: 05-01-2013
Alphacode: B

Part 1: PSC Secretariat Assistant/Auditor Model Questions and Answers

1. Which lamp has the highest energy efficiency?
(A) Incandescent Lamp (B) LED Lamp
(C) CFL (D) Arc Lamp
Answer: B

2. Yellow light is a combination of …………. primary colors.
(A) Blue, Green (B) Red, Blue
(C) Red, Green (D) Red, Blue and Green
Answer: C

3. Diverging lens produces ………. type of images.
(A) small virtual image (B) big real image
(C) small real image (D) big virtual image
Answer: A

4. The process used to produce Ammonia is:
(A) Contact process (B) Haber process
(C) Chlor-alkali process (D) Creighton process
Answer: B

5. The non-metal which exists in liquid state at room temperature is:
(A) Mercury (B) Sodium
(C) Potassium (D) Bromine
Answer: D

6. 2007 Nobel prize for Chemistry was awarded to:
(A) Gerhard Ertl
(B) Dan Shechtman
(C) Richard Fred Heck
(D) Venkatraman Ramakrishnan
Answer: A

7. The 5th state of matter is:
(A) Plasma
(B) Magma
(C) Bose-Einstein condensate
(D) Fermionic condensate
Answer: C

8. Speed of Blue color light in vacuum is:
(A) >3×108 m/s (B) =3×108 m/s
(C) <3×108 m/s (D) 300 m/s
Answer: B

9. Which fuel has the highest Calorific Value?
(A) Bio-Gas (B) Methane
(C) Petrol (D) Hydrogen
Answer: D

10. In which direction does rainbow appear in the morning?
(A) North (B) South
(C) East (D) West
Answer: D

11. The Chief Minister of Uttarakhand is …………
(A) Manohar Parrikar (B) Vijay Bahuguna
(C) B.C.Khanduri (D) Arjun Munda
Answer: B

12. Who is the President of France?
(A) Nicolas Sarkozy (B) Jacques chirac
(C) Francois Hollande (D) Jaochim Gauck
Answer: C

13. The Booker Prize winner of 2012 is …………..
(A) Jeet Thayil (B) Hilary Mantel
(C) Julian Barnes (D) Mo Yan
Answer: B

14. ICC T20 World Cup winner of 2012 is…………..
(A) Sri Lanka (B) Australia
(C) India (D) West Indies
Answer: D

15. Who won the women’s 100 meter Gold in 2012 London Olympics:
(A) Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce
(B) Carmelita Jeter
(C) Christine Ohuruogo
(D) Felix Sanchez
Answer: A

16. The 59th National Award for Best Director was won by:
(A) Gurvinder Singh (B) Salim Ahamed
(C) Suveeran (D) Vetrimaaran
Answer: A

17. God’s particle is the pseudonym of ……………
(A) Large Hadron Collider (B) Quarks
(C) Leptons (D) Higgs Boson
Answer: D

18. Which rocket was launched by ISRO during its 100th mission?
(A) ASLV-C21 (B) GSLV-C21
(C) PSLV-C21 (D) INSAT-C21
Answer: C

19. The 2012 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to ………………
(A) Liu Xiaobo
(B) European Union
(C) Barack Obama
(D) Inter governmental Panel on climate change
Answer: B

20. The minister for Cooperation in Kerala is:
(A) C.N. Balakrishnan (B) K. Babu
(C) Adoor Prakash (D) V. K. Ebrahim Kunju
Answer: A

21. India is called a tropical country mainly on account of its:
(A) Latitudinal Extent
(B) Longitudinal Extent
(C) Areal Size
(D) Tropical Monsoon Climate
Answer: A

22. The marshy and forested land in northern part of Uttar Pradesh is:
(A) Khadar (B) Bangar
(C) Terai (D) Siwaliks
Answer: C

23. Which river is called a river between the two mountains?
(A) Narmada (B) Ganga
(C) Godhavari (D) Sutlej
Answer: A

24. Which state is called the agricultural epitome of India?
(A) West Bengal (B) Uttar Pradesh
(C) Tamil Nadu (D) Madhya Pradesh
Answer: B

25. Which region of India has a larger female population than the male population?
(A) West Bengal (B) Mizoram
(C) Nagaland (D) Puducherry
Answer: D (from the options given)

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