PSC DTP Operator Model Questions and Answers

Last Updated On: 30/04/2018

PSC DTP Operator Model Questions and Answers: Here are the model questions and answers for DTP Operator PSC examination. These are the previous asked questions for the PSC DTP Operator Examination.

PSC DTP Operator Model Questions and Answers

Question Paper Code: 019/2017
Exam: DTP Operator – Information and Public Relations
Date of Test: 09-02-2017
Alpha code: D

1. …………….links computers within a limited geographical area.
Answer: D

2. …………offer a quick and easy way to share files and resources directly.
(A) CD
(C) Network
(D) None of the above
Answer: C

3. Given a 2”x4” photograph and a 4”x8” layout space, what scale percentage is needed to fit the photograph?
(A) 50
(B) 100
(C) 150
(D) 200
Answer: D

4. Which is NOT a form of printing processes?
(A) Gravure
(B) Gutenberg
(C) Offset
(D) Flexography
Answer: B

5. What type of printing is done when using CMYK?
(A) Spot colour
(B) Pantone
(C) Process colour
(D) Black and White.
Answer: B

6. You can import a text file into QuarkXPress from:
(A) any word processor
(B) open office
(C) only Macintosh word processors
(D) any word processor for which XPress can access the filter
Answer: D

7. All the commands and functions in QuarkXPress are available:
(A) in the Tool palette
(B) from the Menu Bar
(C) under the File menu
(D) in a Preferences dialogue box
Answer: B

8. Leading is:
(A) lengthening lines
(B) shortening lines
(C) increasing space between words
(D) increasing and decreasing space between lines
Answer: D

9. In QuarkXPress, Master Page A is created:
(A) by double-clicking on the master page icon
(B) by dragging the icon down on the palette
(C) when the document is created
(D) through a dialogue box
Answer: C

10. ………….are non-printing guides pulled down and across from the horizontal and vertical rulers.
(A) Boarder
(B) Ruler origin
(C) Ruler below
(D) Ruler guides
Answer: D

11. ………… the point on the ruler where the horizontal and vertical rulers intersect.
(A) Zero point
(B) Left point
(C) Mid point
(D) End point
Answer: A

12. ………….is a measure of how close together the lines in a halftone grid are in the printing process.
(D) None of these
Answer: C

13. …………is the term used as a measure of how well one ink printed on top of another.
(A) Trapping
(B) Tracking
(C) Scaling
(D) Stacking
Answer: A

14. A file that is saved so it cannot be modified is called:
(A) a text file
(B) an ASCII file
(C) a template
(D) a thumbnail
Answer: C

15. Adding or deleting space between character pairs is called:
(A) Kerning
(B) Tracking
(C) Scaling
(D) Justifying
Answer: B

16. The painting option in Photoshop which determines the degree by which the tools lighten or darken an image is:
(A) Exposure
(B) Pressure
(C) Opacity
(D) Smudge
Answer: C

17. Bitmap images are made of :
(A) Picture
(B) Pixels
(C) Lines and curves
(D) None of the above
Answer: B

18. Raster images are also known as:
(A) bitmap images
(B) dynamic images
(C) clip art images
(D) multimedia image
Answer: A

19. All the commands and functions in quarkxpress are available:
(A) in the Tool palette
(B) from the Menu Bar
(C) under the file menu
(D) in a Preference dialogue box
Answer: B

20. Which of the following programs is not a popular desktop publishing program?
(A) Lotus AmiPro
(B) Microsoft Publisher
(C) Adobe PageMaker
(D) QuarkXPress
Answer: A

21. To align a column of text evenly on both the right and left margins through the column, use:
(A) the Left and Right tab setting
(B) even tab setting
(C) the Justified alignment setting
(D) the Even alignment setting
Answer: C

22. It is useful for removing an unwanted portion of or a defect in your image in Photoshop:
(A) Magic wand tool
(B) Pattern stamp tool
(C) Dodge tool
(D) Clone stamp tool
Answer: D

23. Screen printing involves taking images and breaking them down to simple colours, so ………… method is better to create images.
(A) Auto tone
(B) Auto contrast
(C) Half tone
(D) None of these
Answer: C

24. Each Pixel in digital image is assigned a tonal value (black, white, shades of gray or colour), which is represented in :
(A) Binary code
(C) Character
(D) Number
Answer: A

25. Distort is a …………. in Photoshop.
(A) Palette
(B) Filter
(C) View
(D) Style
Answer: B

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