PSC HSST Jr Botany (SR for ST only) Model Questions and Answers

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PSC HSST Jr Botany (SR for ST only) Model Questions and Answers: Here are the model questions and answers for HSST Jr Botany (SR for ST only) PSC examination. These are the previous asked questions for the PSC HSST Jr Botany (SR for ST only) Examination.

PSC HSST Jr Botany (SR for ST only) Model Questions and Answers

Question Paper Code: 45/2017/OL
Category Code: 355/2016
Exam: HSST Jr Botany (SR for ST only)
Department: Higher Secondary Education
Date of Test: 05-06-2017
Alpha code: A

1. The Basel Evangelical Mission opened a primary school at Kallai in:
(A) 1799
(B) 1802
(C) 1832
(D) 1848
Answer: D

2. In 1959, who was given the title Bharata Kesari by the President of India?
(A) V.T. Bhattathiripad
(B) Chattampi Swamikal
(C) Mannath Padmanabhan
(D) Pattom Thanupillai
Answer: C

3. Prabhatham a newspaper started at Shornur in 1934 under the guidelines of:
(A) K.G. Sankar
(B) EMS Namboothiripad
(C) Kunhunni Achan
(D) A. K. Pillai
Answer: B

4. The first woman judge of Kerala high Court?
(A) Annachandi
(B) Sujatha Manohar
(C) L. Omanakunhamma
(D) J. Fathima Beevi
Answer: A

5. Travancore Muslim Mahajana Sabha was founded by …………..
(A) Muhammad Abdurahiman
(B) Vakkam Abdul Khadar Maulavi
(C) E. Moidu Maulavi
(D) Kattilasseri Muhammed Maulavi
Answer: B

6. Kochi port is situated at the head of which lake?
(A) Sasthamkotta
(B) Ashtamudi
(C) Vembanadu
(D) Punnamada
Answer: C

7. In which year fidel castro wins revolution in Cuba and becomes Prime Minister?
(A) 1959
(B) 1962
(C) 1976
(D) 2006
Answer: A

8. India’s first LNG powered bus was launched at Thiruvananthapuram by Chief Minister Sri Pinarayi Vijayan and Central Minister for petrolium and natural gas:
(A) Rajnath Singh
(B) Venkaiha Naidu
(C) Sadananda Gauda
(D) Dharmendra Pradhan
Answer: D

9. Which Indian won the men’s single title at the 2016 Chinese Tai Pei open badminton championship?
(A) Sourabh Verma
(B) Sameer Verma
(C) Ng Ka Lang Angus
(D) K. Srikanth
Answer: A

10. Newly elect, secretary general of UNO, Autonio Gutres was Prime Minister of …………..
(A) Spain
(B) Portugal
(C) Italy
(D) France
Answer: B

11. The most important indicator of quality of education in a school is …………..
(A) Text books and teaching learning materials
(B) Infrastructural facilities of a school
(C) Fluency in English communication
(D) Student achievement level
Answer: D

12. Science education system in India at the school level should be best described as being:
(A) Value oriented
(B) Teacher centred
(C) Textbook centred
(D) Activity centred
Answer: D

13. If you have been given the additional responsibility of the student scholarships, you think that:
(A) It is the duty of all students to enquire about the scholarship details
(B) It is the right of the deserved students to get it and you need to direct the students to make avail of it
(C) Financial support must go to students who are giving favours to teachers
(D) Other teachers have escaped by making a burden on me
Answer: B

14. Learning implies …………..
(A) Acquired by
(B) Absorbed by
(C) Occurring within
(D) Implicit what is explicit
Answer: C

15. For a meaningful learning to takes place, learner should have ……………
(A) Opportunities
(B) Motivation only
(C) Ability to learn only
(D) Desired level of ability and motivation
Answer: D

16. One which is not the characteristic of research is:
(A) Art of scientific investigation
(B) Solutions are arrived through revealed knowledge
(C) Exploring new knowledge
(D) A movement from the known to unknown
Answer: B

17. Choose a wrong statement related with experimental method in research:
(A) Observation under controlled condition is experiment
(B) It is the laboratory method of research and has borrowed from pure science
(C) Law of single variable is the fundamental assumption of experimental method
(D) Residual group is a type of experimental design
Answer: D

18. The aim of workshop in research is …………….
(A) To refresh the knowledge on research methodology
(B) To explore the possibilities of applied aspects of the research
(C) To express the views of speakers and audience regarding the research problem
(D) To seek the advice of the experts in the area
Answer: B

19. Cross-sectional research studies are basically linked with …………..
(A) Sample
(B) Control group
(C) Statistics
(D) Census
Answer: A

20. Arrange the following steps of research in correct sequence
a) Results and discussion
b) Data analysis
c) Identification of research problem
d) Listing of research objectives
e) Collection of data
f) Tool construction
(A) c-d-f-e-b-a
(B) c-d-e-f-b-a
(C) c-f-d-e-b-a
(D) d-c-f-e-a-b
Answer: A

21. Bio fortification improves ………….
(A) Fruit production
(B) Micronutrient and mineral contents
(C) Environmental conditions
(D) The nutritional quality of breeding crops
Answer: D

22. A banana herb is virus infected mention the technique that will help in obtaining healthy banana plants from this diseased plant is
(A) Tissue culture
(B) Anther culture
(C) Meristematic culture
(D) Ovary culture
Answer: C

23. Name the fungus used in organ transplant treatment?
(A) Trichoderma
(B) Polysporum
(C) Aspergillus
(D) Pencillium
Answer: A

24. Name the type of biodiversity represented by 50,000 different strains of rice in India?
(A) Genetic diversity
(B) Ecological diversity
(C) Species diversity
(D) Molecular diversity
Answer: A

25. Phytophagous insects feed on ……………
(A) Plant
(B) Bacteria
(C) Virus
(D) Bacteriophage
Answer: A

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