PSC HSST Junior Geography Model Questions and Answers

Last Updated On: 30/04/2018

PSC HSST Junior Geography Model Questions and Answers: Here are the model questions and answers for HSST Junior Geography PSC examination. These are the previous asked questions for the PSC HSST Junior Geography Examination.

PSC HSST Junior Geography Model Questions and Answers

Question Paper Code: 21/2017/OL
Category Code: 292/2016
Exam: HSST Junior Geography SR For SC/ST
Department: Higher Secondary Education
Date of Test: 20-03-2017

1. What is ”Baku” famous for?
(A) Petroleum
(B) Iron smelting
(C) Locomotion
(D) Silk industry
Answer: A

2. The first bank to get online banking facility in India :
(A) H.D.F.C.
(B) S.B.I.
(C) I.C.I.C.I.
(D) Canara Bank
Answer: A

3. The book ”Vision, values and velocity” wrote by :
(A) Sam Pitroda
(B) Bill Gates
(C) Sakundala Devi
(D) N.R. Narayan
Answer: A

4. The power of judicial review in India is :
(A) given by the Parliament
(B) given by the President
(C) explicit
(D) implicit
Answer: D

5. The Mamamkam, festival of Kerala celebrated in :
(A) once in 10 years
(B) once in 12 years
(C) once in 5 years
(D) every year
Answer: B

6. The Kurichia revolt began on :
(A) 25th March 1812
(B) 25th March 1810
(C) 12th March 1810
(D) 12th March 1809
Answer: A

7. The first Malayalam Grammar book ”Leelathilakam” prepared by :
(A) Herman Gundert
(B) Father Kariyattil Ouseph
(C) Arnos Pathiri
(D) Dr. Angelos Francis
Answer: D

8. The ‘World Ozone Day’ observed on :
(A) September 16
(B) October 16
(C) September 21
(D) October 21
Answer: A

9. The National Judicial Academy of India situated in :
(A) Nagpur
(B) Mumbai
(C) Delhi
(D) Bhopal
Answer: D

10. The first Malayalam newspaper ”Rajyasamacharam” published by :
(A) Dr. Angelos Francis
(B) C. Kesavan
(C) Herman Gundert
(D) K. Kelappan
Answer: C

11. The Marumakkathayam Act passed in Kerala in the year :
(A) 1913
(B) 1923
(C) 1933
(D) 1943
Answer: C

12. Who founded the organisation ”Sadhu Jana Paripalana Sangham”?
(A) Vagbhadanatha
(B) Ayyankali
(C) Chattampi Swamikal
(D) Ayyaguru
Answer: B

13. The first Nair Act in Travancore passed in the year :
(A) 1906
(B) 1908
(C) 1910
(D) 1912
Answer: D

14. The Sahodara Prasthanam started by :
(A) V.T. Bhattathiripad
(B) K. Kelappan
(C) K. Ayyappan
(D) Vagbhatananda
Answer: C

15. The Hindu Succession Act passed in the year :
(A) 1959
(B) 1958
(C) 1957
(D) 1956
Answer: D

16. The Sanskrit book ”Bhakti Manjary” wrote by :
(A) Gauri Lakshmi Bhai
(B) Swati Tirunal
(C) Kalidasa
(D) V.T. Bhattathiripad
Answer: B

17. Indian Constitution adopted concurrent lists from the constitution of :
(A) Canada
(B) Australia
(C) Ireland
(D) U.S.A.
Answer: B

18. Among the fundamental rights of Indian Constitution the Right to Property eliminated by the :
(A) 42nd Amendment Act
(B) 43rd Amendment Act
(C) 44th Amendment Act
(D) 45th Amendment Act
Answer: C

19. The financial emergency declared by the President of India mentioned in the :
(A) Article 352
(B) Article 356
(C) Article 360
(D) Article 370
Answer: C

20. Part XVIII (18th) of Indian Constitution contains :
(A) Fundamental duties
(B) Emergency provisions
(C) Municipalities
(D) Panchayats
Answer: B

21. Development of democratic citizenship is :
(A) A goal of education
(B) A learning outcome
(C) A process competency
(D) An instructional objective
Answer: A

22. Which of the following methods can enhance pupil-pupil interaction in a class?
(A) Experiment
(B) Lecture
(C) Peer tutoring
(D) Problem solving
Answer: C

23. Which of the following is the most important duty of a teacher?
(A) To come regularly and attend students feeling
(B) To create a classroom environment
(C) To guide them to appear for examinations without anxiety
(D) To motivate the learner to learn how to learn
Answer: D

24. Which one is an advantage of expository teaching?
(A) Higher learner participation
(B) Highly interactive
(C) More content coverage
(D) Suitable for small groups
Answer: C

25. Which of the following will be the most popular for assessing students’ attitude towards study tasks?
(A) Internal tests
(B) Scales
(C) Observation
(D) Sociometric techniques
Answer: B

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