Kerala PSC Degree Level General Knowledge Questions and Answers : Part 29

Last Updated On: 08/08/2018
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#281) Which Part of the Constitution contains emergency provisions?
Ans: Part XVIII

#282) Which part of the Constitution deals with Elections?
Ans: Part XV

#283) Which part of the Constitution is dealt with States and Union Territories?
Ans: Part I

#284) Which party has the second largest number of members in the Constituent Assembly:
Ans: Muslim League

#285) Which Schedule contains Panchayat Raj?
Ans: 11th

#286) The number of schedules in the Constitution of India at present:
Ans: 12

#287) How much of the total members of Rajya Sabha is elected every two years?
Ans: 1/3

#288) Which is presided over by a non-member?
Ans: Rajya Sabha

#289) Which is called House of Elders?
Ans: Rajya Sabha

#290) A money bill sent to Rajya Sabha should be returned to the lower house within …… days.
Ans: 14

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