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Kerala PSC Degree Level General Knowledge Questions and Answers : Part 45

Last Updated On: 20/11/2018
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#441) Which Article of the Constitution related to issuance of ordinances by the President?
Ans: 123

#442) From which community the President of India can nominate two members to Lok Sabha to ensure representation?
Ans: AngloIndian

#443) Who summons the Lok Sabha?
Ans: President

#444) Who has the power to dissolve the Lok Sabha?
Ans: The President

#445) Amendment by special majority means the bill is passed in each house by a majority of the total membership and by a majority not less than …….. of the members that house present and voting:
Ans: Two thirds

#446) Amendment that needs ratification by states must be ratified by Legislatures of not less than …… of the states-
Ans: One half

#447) From which country India adopted the ideas of Fundamental Duties?
Ans: Formenr USSR

#448) The Artilcles of the Constitution related to Directive Principles of State Policy:
Ans: 36 to 51

#449) The Constitutional amendment granted a position of primacy to all Directive Principles over Fundamental Rights:
Ans: 42

#450) The Inter-State Council is presided over by:
Ans: Prime Minis

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