PSC Company/ Corporation Assistant Grade Model Questions

Last Updated On: 04/08/2018

PSC Company/ Corporation Assistant Grade exam model questions and answers: Following are the model questions with answers for the Kerala PSC Company/ Corporation Assistant Grade examination.

Company Corporation Assistant Grade Model Questions

Kerala PSC Company/ Corporation Assistant Grade Model Questions and Answers

These model questions are categorized into the following categories:

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Company/ Corporation Assistant Grade Quantitative Aptitude Model Questions

1) The sum of two numbers is 14 and their difference is 10. Find the product of the two numbers.
A) 24
B) 18
C) 20
D) 28
Answer: A) 24

2) Find the number of divisors of 10800.
A) 57
B) 60
C) 72
D) 68
Answer: B) 60

3) Find the largest number which on dividing 43, 91 and 183 leaves 3 as remainder each time.
A) 3
B) 5
C) 4
D) 7
Answer: C) 4

4) Find the smallest number which when divided by 8, 12, 14 leaves remainder 6 in each case.
A) 174
B) 168
C) 162
D) 180
Answer: A) 174

5) What must be added to make 2203 a perfect square?
A) 1
B) 3
C) 6
D) 8
Answer: C) 6

6) If the square of a number is subtracted from the cube of that number, the result is 48 then the number is
A) 8
B) 6
C) 5
D) 4
Answer: D) 4

7) 2 × 50 × 10 + 50 × 50 + 10 × 10 = ________ 
A) 500
B) 2500
C) 3600
D) 4000
Answer: C) 3600

8)  If m = ax, n= ay and mynx = a2/z then value of xyz ____
A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4
Answer: A) 1

9) 10g is what percent of 1 Kg.
A) 1%
B) 10%
C) 0.1%
D) 16%
Answer: A) 1%

10) On selling a torch at ₹1010 instead of ₹1000, 5% more profit is earned. Find the cost price.
A) 100
B) 250
C) 300
D) 200
Answer: D) 200

Company/ Corporation Assistant Grade Mental Ability and Test of Reasoning Model Questions

1) If SYSTEM is coded as SYSMET and NEARER as AENRER, then FRACTION will be coded as _______

2) If DELHI can be coded as CCIDD, how would you code BOMBAY?
Answer: B) AMJXVS

3) India: President :: State: ?
A) Prime Minister
B) Governor
C) Chief Minister
D) Mayor
Answer: B) Governor

4) Muslims: Mosque :: Sikhs:?
A) Golden Temple
B) Medina
C) Fire Temple
D) Gurudwara
Answer: D) Gurudwara

5) Drama is related Director in the same way Magazine is related to ____ ?
A) Story
B) Editor
C) Reader
D) Printer
Answer: B) Editor

6) Science is related to Laboratory in the same way as Astronomy is related to _____?
A) Observatory
B) Telescope
C) Space
D) Station
Answer: A) Observatory

7) If ‘man’ is called ‘girl’, ‘girl’ is called ‘women’, ‘women’ is called ‘boy’, ‘boy’ is called ‘butler’, and ‘butler’ is called ‘rogue’, who will serve in a restaurant?
A) Butler
B) Girl
C) Man
D) Rogue
Answer:  D) Rogue

8) Find the missing number in the following series:

2, 6 , _ , 120, 720, 5040

A) 12
B) 18
C) 24
D) 60
Answer: C) 24

9) Find the wrong number in following series:

1, 2, 5, 10, 17, 28

A) 30
B) 28
C) 27
D) 17
Answer: B) 28

10) Aswathi who is facing south turns to her left and walks up to 15 km then she turns to her left and walks up to 8 km, then facing west she walks 15 km. How far she is from the starting point?
A) 15 km
B) 10 km
C) 8 km
D) 7 km
Answer: C) 8 km

Company/ Corporation Assistant Grade Current Affairs Model Questions

1) Which country recently lifted the ban on female drivers?
A) Saudi Arabia
B) Israel
C) Syria
D) Denmark
Answer: A) Saudi Arabia

2) What was the name of the first Satellite launched by Bangladesh recently?
A) Bangabandhu1
B) Bangalar Taj 1
C) Boddhovumi 1
D) Jatiyo sriti
Answer: A) Bangabandhu1

3) Which team won the Inaugural Super Cup football tournament in Bhubaneswar this year?
A) East Bengal
B) Bengaluru FC
D) Churchil brothers
Answer: B) Bengaluru FC

4) Which city hosted the 21st Commonwealth games this year?
A) New Delhi
B) Sydney
C) Gold Coast
D) Auckland
Answer: C) Gold Coast

5) When was the first GST Day celebrated in India?
A) June 29
B) June 30
C) July 1
D) July 2
Answer: C) July 1

6) Which state government has announced ‘Mukhyamantri Mahilakosh Scheme’ ?
A) Maharashtra
B) Odisha
C) Gujarat
D) Madhya Pradesh
Answer: D) Madhya Pradesh

7) Which cricket team has won the 45th edition of the Deodhar Trophy 2018?
A) Tamil Nadu
B) Karnataka
C) India A
D) India B
Answer: D) India B

8) The festival of Democracy celebrated in which city of Rajasthan?
A) Jaipur
B) Udaipur
C) Jodphur
D) Bharatpur
Answer: A) Jaipur

9) The 2018 World Sparrow Day is observed on which date?
A) March 20
B) April 20
C) May 20
D) June 20
Answer: A) March 20

10) The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) has launched a mobile app ‘Lost and Found’ for lost items at airports across India. The CISF is directly under which union ministry
A) Ministry of Home Affairs
B) Ministry of External Affairs
C) Ministry of Commerce and Industry
D) Ministry of Civil Aviation
Answer: A) Ministry of Home Affairs

Company/ Corporation Assistant Grade Facts On Kerala Model Questions

1) The length of the Chaliyar river is ____
A) 159 km
B) 169 km
C) 176 km
D) 209 km
Answer: B) 169 km

2) Who was in charge of Home Department in the end of the first E.M.S. Ministry?
A) E.M.S.
B) K.C. George
C) T.V. Thomas
D) V.R. Krishna Iyer
Answer: D) V.R. Krishna Iyer

3) Author of ‘Guru’ a novel based on the life of Sree Narayana Guru?
A) P. Surendran
B) K. Surendran
C) R. Sukumaran
D) Sukumar Azhikode
Answer: B) K. Surendran

4) The second smallest district in Kerala?
A) Wayanadu
B) Pathanamthitta
C) Kasargod
D) Kollam
Answer: C) Kasargod

5) The first ‘Model livestock village’ in Kerala is at?
A) Panmana
B) Mattupetti
C) Niranam
D) Thumboormuzhi
Answer: B) Mattupetti

6) Where is state Institute of rural development situated?
A) Neendakara
B) Kottarakkara
C) Kundara
D) Punalur
Answer: B) Kottarakkara

7) Where is Lakshmi Bhai National College of Physical Education?
A) Nedumangad
B) Karyavattom
C) Ponmudi
D) Thumba
Answer: B) Karyavattom

8) The place where the first cyber police station in Kerala was established?    
A) Kozhikode
B) Alappuzha
C) Thiruvananthapuram
D) Kochi
Answer: C) Thiruvananthapuram

9) The first director of Kerala language Institute?
A) Vallathol
B) Sardaar K.M. Panicker
C) Kumaranasan
D) N. V. Krishna Warrier
Answer: D) N. V. Krishna Warrier

10) Indian Institute of Science education and research is set up in ____ ?
A) Wayanad
B) Idukki
C) Alappuzha
D) Thiruvananthapuram
Answer: D) Thiruvananthapuram

Company/ Corporation Assistant Grade Facts On India Model Questions

1) Which schedule of the Constitution was added by the first amendment of the constitution?
A) Eighth
B) Ninth
C) Tenth
D) Twelfth
Answer: B) Ninth

2) The Constitution Assembly adopted national flag on?
A) 26th November 1949
B) 15th August 1947
C) 26th January 1950
D) 22nd July 1947
Answer: D) 22nd July 1947

3) The minimum age required to become a member of Rajya Sabha?
A) 35
B) 21
C) 25
D) 30
Answer: D) 30

4) The idea of Directive Principles of State Policy has been copied from?   
A) Ireland
C) Britain
D) Canada
Answer: A) Ireland

5) The objective Resolution was moved in the constituent assembly on ______? 
A) December 13, 1946
B) January 26, 1950
C) November 26, 1946
D) November 26, 1950
Answer: A) December 13, 1946

6) The cabinet committee on economic affairs is headed by ____?  
A) Finance Minister
B) Commerce Minister
C) Prime Minister
D) Cabinet Secretary
Answer: C) Prime Minister

7) Which is the longest railway platform in India?   
A) Gorakhpur
B) Mumbai
C) Shornur
D) Secunderabad
Answer: A) Gorakhpur

8) Who among the following is not a chief minister of Delhi?
A) Sushma Swaraj
B) Arvind Kejriwal
C) Sheila Dikshit
D) Najeeb Jung
Answer: D) Najeeb Jung

9) Which Indian state has about 85% of India’s total fish processing facilities?
A) Kerala
B) Gujarat
C) Maharashtra
D) Tamil Nadu
Answer: A) Kerala 

10) Who is the present Attorney General of India?  
A) Mukul Rohatgi
B) Ravi Shankar Prasad
C) K.K. Venugopal
D) Subramanian Swamy
Answer: C) K.K. Venugopal

Company/ Corporation Assistant Grade General Science Model Questions

1) Which environmental protection movement was started against the practice of monoculture?
A) Lobayan
B) Chipko
C) Appiko
D) Green
Answer: C) Appiko

2) Which part of brain controls heartbeats?    
A) Medulla Oblongata
B) Thalamus
C) Cerebrum
D) Cerebellum
Answer: A) Medulla Oblongata

3) The colour of A Star indicates it’s _____
A) Temperature
B) Age
C) Distance
D) Size
Answer: A) Temperature 

4) Electromagnetic induction is the working principle of _______?
A) Step Up transformer
B) Step Down Transformer
C) Dynamo
D) Inverter
Answer: C) Dynamo

5) Which hydrocarbon causes explosions in the mines?
A) Ammonium
B) Methane
C) Ethane
D) Hexane
Answer: B) Methane

6) The atoms of different elements having the same number of neutrons are called ___
A) Isobars
B) Isotopes
C) Isomerines
D) Isotones
Answer: D) Isotones

7) Contact process is used for the production of
A) Sulphuric acid
B) Nitric acid
C) Ammonium
D) Hydrochloric acid
Answer: A) Sulphuric acid

8) Which disease is historically known as the king of diseases?
A) Leprosy
B) Gout
C) Tuberculosis
D) Smallpox
Answer: B) Gout

9) Which among the following is used to detect gold hidden sealed parcels?
A) X- rays
B) Ultraviolet rays
C) Infrared rays
D) Beta rays
Answer: A) X- rays

10) Which star is also known as Dog Star?
A) Alpha centaury
B) Proximus cenatury
C) Sirius
D) Betelgeuse
Answer: C) Sirius

Company/ Corporation Assistant Grade Information Technology Model Questions

1) The first modem was invented by ?
A) Bell company
B) Microsoft
C) Apple
D) Lenovo
Answer: A) Bell company

2) What is the full form of PDF
A) Printable Document Formatting
B) Printable Document Format
C) Page Document Format
D) Printable Document Form
Answer: B) Printable Document Format

3) A program that has capability to infect other programs and make copies of itself and spread into other programs is called ______.
A) Worm
B) Virus
C) Trojan
D) None of these
Answer: B) Virus

4) A set of instructions telling the computer what to do is called?
A) Instructor
B) Mentor
C) Program
D) Compiler
Answer: C) Program

5) What is the full form of UPS?  
A) Uniform Power Supply
B) Uninterruptible Power Supply
C) Universal Power Supply
D) Uni-directional Power Supply
Answer: B) Uninterruptible Power Supply

6) Who is known as father of E-mail?
A) Ray Tomlinson
B) Glen Recort
C) Sabir Bhatia
D) Alen Shugart
Answer: A) Ray Tomlinson

7) In which year was the Section – 66A of IT Act repeated by the Supreme Court?
A) 2015
B) 2014
C) 2013
D) 2016
Answer: A) 2015

8) Which is the web search engine developed by Microsoft Corporation?
A) Windows Search
B) Yahoo
C) Google
D) Bing
Answer: D) Bing

9) The Visual Display Unit (VDU) is also Known as ____
A) Keyboard
B) CD Rom
C) Mouse
D) Monitor
Answer: D) Monitor

10) Who was the president of the India to sign the bill of IT Act:
A) APJ Abdul Kalam
B) Prathibha Patil
C) Shankar Dayal Sharma
D) K.R. Naraayanan
Answer: D) K.R. Naraayanan

Company/ Corporation Assistant Grade General English Model Questions

1) The teacher with her students ____ come.
A) has
B) have
C) is
D) are
Answer: A) has

2) A person who looks at the dark side of things.
A) sadist
B) bigamist
C) pessimist
D) optimist
Answer: C) pessimist

3) Choose the grammatically correct sentence:
A) Jay and me went to Delhi
B) Jay and I went to Delhi
C) Jay and Myself went to Delhi
D) Me and Jay went to Delhi
Answer: B) Jay and I went to Delhi

4) To kill someone for political reasons:
A) Homicide
B) Murder
C) Genocide
D) Assassination
Answer: D) Assassination

5) She is trying to ____ a change in her habits.
A) bring down
B) bring up
C) bring in
D) bring about
Answer: D) bring about

6) He is rarely ____ home.
A) In
B) At
C) with
D) On
Answer: B) At

7) What ___ doing?
A) You Are
B) Is You
C) Are You
D) Do You
Answer: C) Are You

8) If you have money you ___ a car.
A) will bought
B) will buy
C) would bought
D) would buy
Answer: B) will buy

9) Where is ___ book that I gave you yesterday.
A) The
B) A
C) An
D) Any
Answer: A) The

10) How did you ___ yesterday?
A) slept
B) sleeping
C) was sleeping
D) sleep
Answer: D) sleep

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