India Facts – PSC Questions

Last Updated On: 21/09/2020
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1) HQ of Botanical Survey of India is at?

Ans: Kolkata

2) Award for the best Parliamentarian of India award giving in the name of?

Ans: G B Pant

3) Which leader was called as Rashtra Guru?

Ans: Surendranath Banarji

4) Vijaya Nagara Dynasty distroyed in which war?

Ans: Thalikkotta war – 1565

5) World’s highest people gathering?

Ans: Alahabad Kumbamela

6) Maximum possible candidates in Electronic voting machine?

Ans: 64

7) Indian postal stamps printed at?

Ans: Nasik, Maharashtra

8) Television centre in India started in?

Ans: 1959

9) Official language in Goa?

Ans: Kongini

10) Speed post system in India started in?

Ans: 1986

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