PSC HSST Computer Science Model Questions and Answers – Part 3

HSST Computer Science Model Questions and Answers – Part 3

HSST Computer Science Solved Paper
Date of Exam : 19.09.2012
Category No. : 111.2010
Alpha Code : C

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1. A document preparation software:
Answer: C

2. A technique in which system resources are shared among multiple users:
(A) Multiplexing (B) Demultiplexing
(C) Modulation (D) Demodulation
Answer: A

3. Interaction modeling cannot be done using:
(A) State Diagrams (B) Use-Cases
(C) Sequence Diagrams (D) Activity Diagrams
Answer: A

4. The number of bits that can be transmitted over a network in a certain period of time:
(A) Latency (B) Delay
(C) Bandwidth (D) Baud
Answer: C

5. Which of these not a markup language?
Answer: D

6. A network topology that combines features of linear bus and star topology:
(A) Mesh (B) Ring
(C) Tree (D) Cube
Answer: C

7. If language L={0,1}*, then the reversed language LR =
(A) {0,1}* (B) {}
(C) {0}* (D) {1}*
Answer: A

8. In Linux, the subdirectory that contains system configuration files including user passwords:
(A) /boot (B) /usr
(C) /etc (D) /proc
Answer: C

9. SQL command to delete a column from an existing table:
(A) Alter table (B) Drop table
(C) Delete table (D) Delete column
Answer: A

10. A technique not associated with data mining:
(A) Predictive Modeling (B) Link Analysis
(C) Database Segmentation (D) Dimensionality Modeling
Answer: D

11. Memory bank experiencing too much contention from processor:
(A) Fan-in (B) Hot-spot
(C) Thrash (D) Fan-out
Answer: C

12. The number of nodes in a complete binary tree of height n:
(A) 2n-1-1 (B) 2n-1+1
(C) 2n+1-1 (D) 2n+1+1
Answer: C

13. The science and art of breaking ciphers.
(A) Cryptography (B) Steganography
(C) Cryptanalysis (D) Steganalysis
Answer: C

14. A raster scan display system with 24 bits per pixel and a screen resolution of 1024×1024 requires a frame buffer size.
(A) 1 Mega Bytes (B) 3 Mega Bytes
(C) 8 Mega Bytes (D) 24 Mega Bytes
Answer: B

15. Not a parallel programming language.
(C) nCube C (D) C++
Answer: D

16. Process of mapping a network interface IP address to its hardware address:
Answer: A

17. For the following sample database table staff:

Staff no Name Designation Branch Salary
SL21 John Assistant B003 30000
SG37 Ann Supervisor B007 42000
SL25 Julie Assistant B007 32000
SL52 Susan Manager B003 51000
SG10 David Manager B004 47000

The SQL query: SELECT COUNT(Staff no) AS mycount, SUM(Salary) AS mysum FROM Staff WHERE Designation=’Manager’
Returns the result
(A) mycount=2, mysal=47000
(B) mycount=2, mysal=98000
(C) mycount=5, mysal=47000
(D) mycount=5, mysal=98000
Answer: B

18. Linux partitions are created using the file system:
(A) FAT (B) FAT32
Answer: C

19. The local area network technology used in Ethernet.
Answer: B

20. Data abstraction means:
(A) Objects of one class acquire properties of object of another class
(B) Insulation of data from direct access by programs
(C) Code associated with a procedure call is not known until run time
(D) Putting together essential features without including background details
Answer: D

21. A hardware interface that allows for the connection of several peripheral devices to a single PCI board.
Answer: A

22. If n represents the dimension of cube and K, the radix (no. of nodes along each dimensions) then the number of nodes N of a k-ary n-cube network is:
(A) N=nk (B) N=logk n
(C) N=logn k (D) N=kn
Answer: D

23. The output generated by the following C program:

int v=3;
int *pv;
printf(“*pv=%d v=%d”,*pv,v);

(A) *pv=0 v=0 (B) *pv=0 v=3
(C) *pv=3 v=3 (D) *pv=3 v=0
Answer: A

24. A famous technique used in data warehousing:
Answer: C

25. The environment variable in Linux, that contain a list of directories the shell automatically recognizes.
(A) $PATH (B) $ENV
Answer: A

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