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PSC Secretariat Assistant/Auditor Model Questions and Answers

Last Updated On: 11/10/2018
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76. Fill in the suitable prepositions: “My mother told me …………. Never cry ……………. Split milk.”
(A) of, on (B) to, cover
(C) that, at (D) so, upon
Answer: B

77. Change the sentence into passive voice: “Manners reveal true character.”
(A) True character is revealed by manners.
(B) Good manners reveal good character.
(C) True manner reveal character.
(D) It is manners that reveal character.
Answer: A

78. Replace the underlined phrase with one word: “I did not expect such childish talk from a grow-up man.”
(A) tamper (B) prattle
(C) ridicule (D) stammer
Answer: B

79. Fill in the blanks with a suitable idiom: “The policemen came to my house and accused me of stealing a necklace but I told them that they were …………….”
(A) looking a gift horse in the mouth
(B) blowing hot and cold
(C) one for the road
(D) barking up the wrong tree
Answer: D

80. Fill in the blank space with a suitable word: “The Global Positioning System (GPS) helps us to …………”
(A) navigate (B) envelope
(C) nostalgia (D) endeavour
Answer: A

81. Which of the following is a non-government organization?
(C) NFFWP (D) Bharath Nirman
Answer: B

82. Valmiki Ambedkar Awas Yojana was introduced with a view to improve the condition of the:
(A) Urban slum dwellers (B) Rural dwellers
(C) Forest dwellers (D) None of the above
Answer: A

83. PMRY is primarily to assist the :
(A) Rural Youths (B) Employed Youth
(C) Urban Youth (D) Educated Unemployed Youth
Answer: D

84. Micro credit, entrepreneurship and empowerment are three important components of:
(C) ICDS (D) Kudumbasree
Answer: D

85. Sampoorna Gramin Rozar Yojana was dedicated to the nation by the Prime Minister:
(A) Shri. Atal Bihari Vajpayee (B) Shri. Rajeev Gandhi
(C) Dr. Manmohan Singh (D) Shri. V.P. Singh
Answer: A

86. What is the full form of MSY?
(A) Mahila Samskrithi Yojana (B) Mahila Samskara Yojana
(C) Mahila Samyojak Yojana (D) Mahila Samridhi Yojana
Answer: D

87. The target group under ICDS scheme is:
(A) Children od SC and ST
(B) Children of below poverty line
(C) Children in the age group 0-6 years
(D) Children of Ex-Servicemen
Answer: C

88. Indira Awas Yojana is related to the construction of:
(A) Rural Infrastructure (B) Urban Infrastructure
(C) Rural Housing (D) Urban Housing
Answer: C

89. Jawahar Rosgar Yojana was launched by:
(A) Smt. Indira Gandhi (B) Shri. Rajeev Gandhi
(C) Shri. Narasimha Rao (D) Dr. Manmohan Singh
Answer: B

90. The Antyodaya Anna Yojana was launched on :
(A) December 25th, 2000 (B) Octoer 2nd, 2000
(C) August 15th, 2000 (D) January 26th, 2000
Answer: A

91. What type of a software is an operating system?
(A) Application software (B) System software
(C) Embedded software (D) Personal Computer Software
Answer: X

92. What is the full form of the first Electronic Computer ENIAC?
(A) Electrical Numerical Integrator and Calculator
(B) Electronic Numeric Integrator and Calculator
(C) Electrical Numerical Integrated Computer
(D) Electro Numeric Integrity Computer
Answer: B

93. The unauthorized reproduction in the computer crime is considered as:
(A) Software Sabotage (B) Software piracy
(C) Masquerading (D) Eavesdropping and spying
Answer: X

94. In IT Act 2000, which section deals with the punishment of cyber terrorism?
(A) 66(B) (B) 67(B)
(C) 66(F) (D) 45(F)
Answer: C

95. What is the process of loading the operating system files into dynamic random access memory?
(A) Formatting (B) Automatic data exchange
(C) Data sharing (D) Booting
Answer: D

96. Which technology is used in the processor of a computer to simulates a single processor into two virtual processors to the operating system?
(A) Hyper threading technology (B) Multi core technology
(C) Simulation technology (D) Multi threading technology
Answer: A

97. Which virus is treated as the first computer virus?
(A) Trojan horse (B) SCA virus
(C) Creeper virus (D) Rabbit
Answer: C

98. Which was the first search engine in the Internet?
(A) Google (B) Archie
(C) Alta Vista (D) WAIS
Answer: B

99. When is World Computer Literacy Day celebrated?
(A) January 22nd (B) March 5th
(C) May 20th (D) December 2nd
Answer: D

100. Which one is the first fully supported 64-bit operating system?
(A) Windows vista (B) Windows 7
(C) Linux (D) Mac
Answer: C

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