PSC Assistant Engineer (Civil) SR from SC/ST Only – 2013 – Solved Paper – (Part 1)

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Here is the PSC Assistant Engineer (Civil) SR from SC/ST Only Examination solved question paper.

Question Paper Code: 144/2013

PSC Assistant Engineer (Civil) SR from SC/ST Only Exam Solved Paper

Question 1:-The terminal velocity of a small sphere settling in a viscous fluid varies as the
A: -Inverse square of diameter
B: -Inverse of diameter
C: -first power of its diameter
D: -inverse of fluid viscosity
Correct Answer:- Option -D

Question 2:-A cement bag contains 0.035 cubic meter of cement by volume. How many bags will one tonne of cement comprises
Correct Answer:- Option -D

Question 3:-Efflorescence of bricks is due to
A: -Soluble salts present in clay for making bricks
B: -High Porosity of bricks
C: -High Silt Content in the soil used
D: -Excessive burning burning of bricks
Correct Answer:- Option -A

Question 4:-Which of the following constituent in earth gives plasticity to mould bricks in suitable shape
A: -Silica
B: -Lime
C: -Alumina
D: -Magnesia
Correct Answer:- Option -C

Question 5:-The compound which contributes the highest share of heat of hydration in cement is
A:-Tricalcium Silicate
B:-Tricalcium aluminate
C: -Gypsum
D: -Combined lime
Correct Answer:- Option -B

Question 6:-Putty is made up of,
A: -White lead and turpentine
B: -Powdered chalk and raw linseed oil
C: -Red lead and linseed oil
D: -Zinc oxide and boiled linseed oil
Correct Answer:- Option -B

Question 7:-In making Concrete ,maximum density is achieved by,
A: -Using sufficient cement to fill all the voids
B: -Controlling the particle size of the ingredient
C: -Controlling the particle size distribution of the ingredient
D: -Reducing the quantity of mixing water
Correct Answer:- Option -C

Question 8:-which one of the following is not a vehicle in paints
A: -Nut oil
B: -Poppy oil
C: -Tung oil
D: -Turpentine oil
Correct Answer:- Option -D

Question 9:-In high tensile steel carbon should be less than
B:-0.15 %
C:-0.70 %
Correct Answer:- Option-B

Question 10:-The head room for a staircase should not be less than
Correct Answer:- Option-C

Question 11:-The ratio of cement mortar preferred in load bearing walls in brick masonry is
B:-1: 6
Correct Answer:- Option-B

Question 12:-A curtain wall carries
A:-wind load
B:-Self weight
C:-roof load
D:-no load
Correct Answer:- Option-B

Question 13:-In ordinary residential and public buildings ,the DPC is provided at
A:-Plinth level
B:-Ground level
C:-roof level
D:-lintel level
Correct Answer:- Option-A

Question 14:-Laterite is a
A:-argillaceous rock
B:-silicious rock
C:-calcarious rock
Correct Answer:- Option-A

Question 15:-Marble is
A:-Igneous rock
B:-metamorphic rock
C:-stratified rock
D:-sedimentary rock
Correct Answer:- Option-B

Question 16:-In any case the bearing of lintel should not be less than
A:-100 mm
B:-150 mm
C:-200 mm
D:-300 mm
Correct Answer:- Option-B

Question 17:-The resultant of two equal forces(F) acting in opposite directions will be
A:-2 F
B:-V2 F
C:-0.707 F
Correct Answer:- Option-D

Question 18:-The set of forces ,whose resultant is zero, are known as
A:-equilibrium forces
B:-collinear forces
C:-coplanar forces
D:-concurrent forces
Correct Answer:- Option-A

Question 19:-The centre of gravity of a plane lamina is not at its geometrical centre if it is a

A: -Circle
B: -square
C: -rectangle
D: -right angled triangle
Correct Answer:- Option -D

Question 20:-A system of coplanar forces is in equilibrium when
A: -force polygon closes
B: -funicular polygon closes
C: -both force and funicular polygon closes
D: -all the forces are coplanar concurrent
Correct Answer:- Option -C

Question 21:-The diagram showing the point of application and line of action of forces in their plane is called
A: -Vector diagram
B: -space diagram
C: -force diagram
D: -funicular diagram
Correct Answer:- Option -B

Question 22:-The specification of earth work in foundation trenches,drains etc. Lift ordinarly specified is
A: -Om
B:-1.50 m
C:-5 m
D: -3m
Correct Answer:- Option -B

Question 23:-In analysis of rates contractors profit is taken at the rate of
Correct Answer:- Option -C

Question 24:-One cubic metre of cement concrete (1:2:4) is to be mixed by volume .Number of cement bags required approximately will be
Correct Answer:- Option -A

Question 25:-The thickness of plastering to masonry wall is usually
A:-6 mm
Correct Answer:- Option -D

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