PSC Pharmacist Grade 2 Health Services Model Questions and Answers

Last Updated On: 30/04/2018

76. An agent used to delay the renal excretion of penicillins
(A) Protamine sulphate (B) Procaine
(C) Propylene glycol (D) Probenecid
Answer: D

77. An antidote for warfarin toxicity/overdose
(A) Protamine (B) Dimercaprol
(C) Penicillamine (D) Vitamin K
Answer: D

78. An ingredient of anticoagulant solution used for storage of whole blood
(A) Anhydrous citric acid (B) Anhydrous benzoic acid
(C) Anhydrous Tartaric acid (D) Ascorbic acid
Answer: A

79. Valproic acid is used as an
(A) Analgesic (B) Antiepileptic
(C) Anti-inflammatory (D) Diuretic
Answer: B

80. All the following General anaesthetics are administered intravenously except:
(A) Ketamine (B) Propofol
(C) Halothane (D) Thiopentone Sodium
Answer: C

81. Clavulanic acid is given along with amoxycillin to
(A) decrease excretion (B) avoid first pass metabolism
(C) prevent drug resistance (D) enhance oral absorption
Answer: C

82. Carbidopa is used for the treatment of parkinsonism because it
(A) crosses blood brain barrier
(B) decrease monoamine oxidase
(C) inhibits L aminoacid decarboxylase
(D) a COMT inhibitor
Answer: C

83. Aldosterone antagonist
(A) Spironolactone (B) Amiloride
(C) Mannitol (D) Acetazolamide
Answer: A

84. Antimalarial drug used in Rheumatoid arrthritis
(A) Mepacrine (B) Chloroquine
(C) Artemisine (D) Pamaquine
Answer: B

85. Selenium Sulfide is used as
(A) Antimalarial (B) Antileprotic
(C) Antifungal (D) Antidandruff
Answer: D

86. The process of loosing water of crystallisation from a substance is
(A) Exudation (B) Efflorescence
(C) Delequescence (D) Diaphoretic
Answer: B

87. Plantago ovata is used as
(A) Expectorant (B) Sweetening agent
(C) Analgesic (D) Laxative
Answer: D

88. Sucrose is a
(A) Hexose (B) Monosaccharides
(C) Disaccharides (D) Polysaccharides
Answer: C

89. An antidiabetic plant drug:
(A) Withania somnifera (B) Saraca indica
(C) Urginea maritime (D) Gymnema sylvestre
Answer: D

90. A tropane alkaloid:
(A) Atropine (B) Reserpine
(C) Ergometrine (D) Diosgenin
Answer: A

91. Which one of the following is referred to as Good Cholesterol:
(A) Triglycerides (B) High density Lipoproteins
(C) Low density Lipoproteins (D) Chylomicrons
Answer: B

92. Which part of the plant “Opium poppy” is used for obtaining the active principles:
(A) dried latex from stem (B) dried latex from capsules
(C) dried latex from root (D) dried latex from shoots
Answer: B

93. Proton pump inhibitor used in the treatment of peptic ulcer
(A) Rabeprazole (B) Ranitidine
(C) Misoprostol (D) Sucralfate
Answer: A

94. An example for a drug that induces cytochrome P450:
(A) Phenytoin (B) Omeprazole
(C) Allopurinol (D) Chloramphenicol
Answer: A

95. Physostigmine is an example for
(A) Adrenergic durg (B) Anticholinergic drug
(C) Adrenergic blocking drug (D) Anticholinesterase
Answer: D

96. A Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drug derived from anthranilic acid:
(A) Mephenemic acid (B) Ibuprofen
(C) Indomethacin (D) Diclofenac Sodium
Answer: A

97. A hormone secreted by the anterior lobe of pituitary gland:
(A) Mineralocorticoids
(B) Gonadotropin releasing hormone
(C) Growth hormone
(D) Thyrotropin releasing hormone
Answer: C

98. An drug which inhibits spermatogenesis, used as male contraceptive
(A) Tamoxifen (B) Norethindrone
(C) Levonorgestrel (D) Gossypol
Answer: D

99. An Angiotensin antagonist:
(A) Captopril (B) Losartan
(C) Verapamil (D) Nicorandil
Answer: B

100. Lovastatin is
(A) Antifibrinolytic agent (B) H2 receptor antagonist
(C) HMG Co-A reductase inhibitor (D) Lipoprotein lipase activator
Answer: C

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