Indian National Movement PSC Model Questions

Last Updated On: 28/10/2020

Here is the PSC model questions on Indian National Movement.

Indian National Movement PSC Model Questions

1) Who conferred the title ‘Bharati’ to Subramanya Bharati?

Ans: Raja of Ettayapuram

2) Whom Gandhiji met on his way back to India after the Round Table Conference?

Ans: Mussolini

3) In which railway station of South Africa, Gandhiji was thrown out of a train?

Ans: Pietermaritzburg

4) Anasakthiyogam is the interpretation written by Gandhiji on

Ans: Bhagavat Gita

5) The Carnatic Nawab who moved his court from Gingee to Arcot?

Ans: Saadatullah Khan I

6) Who defeated the Gorkhas and ousted them from the Kangra Valley’ in 1809?

Ans: The Sikhs

7) The Viceroy during whose tenure the new Central Legislative Assembly Buiding was inaugurated?

Ans: Irwin

8) Who defended Bhagat Singh in the Lahore conspiracy case?

Ans: Asaf Ali

9) Who wrote ‘Indian Unrest’?

Ans: Valentine Chirol

10) The Viceroy who published “The Imperial Gazetteer of India”?

Ans: Lord Ripon

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