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PSC Lecturer in English Model Questions and Answers

Last Updated On: 30/04/2018
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26. The Chief Information Commissioner under The Right to Information Act 2005 shall hold office for a term of ……………. from the date of entering office, subject to a maximum age of 65 years.
(A) Five years (B) Six years
(C) Ten years (D) Four years
Answer: A

27. Under Section 12(1)(b) of The Sexual Harassment of Women at workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act 2013, during the pendency of an enquiry, the committee on written request of the aggrieved woman, may recommend to the employer to grant her leave up to a period of ……………..
(A) three months (B) six months
(C) one year (D) two years
Answer: A

28. As per Section 4(1)(b) of The National Green Tribunal Act 2010, The Tribunal shall consist of a maximum of ………….. full time Judicial members.
(A) five (B) ten
(C) fifteen (D) twenty
Answer: D

29. As per Section 58, offences under The Biological Diversity Act 2002 shall be ……………
(A) Bailable (B) Non-cognizable
(C) Cognizable and non-bailable (D) Compoundable
Answer: C

30. Under Section 7(1) of The Mahatma Gandhi NREG Act 2005, if an applicant for employment under the scheme is not provided such employment within …………… of receipt of his application seeking employment, he shall be entitled to a daily unemployment allowance.
(A) ten days (B) fifteen days
(C) thirty days (D) sixty days
Answer: B

31. The return of which season is described in the opening of “The Prologue” to The Canterbury Tales ?
(A) Autumn (B) Summer
(C) Spring (D) Winter
Answer: C

32. The pilgrims in “The Prologue” to The Canterbury Tales represent a cross section of ………….. English society.
(A) Twelfth Century (B) Thirteenth Century
(C) Fourteenth Century (D) Fifteenth Century
Answer: C

33. The two beautiful maidens in “Prothalamion” are the daughters of …………….
(A) The Earl of Lancaster (B) The Earl of Worcester
(C) The Earl of Leicester (D) Lord Burghley
Answer: B

34. /To this I witness call the fools of Time/
Which die for goodness who have lived for crime/
These lines are from Shakespeare’s Sonnet ………………
(A) Eighteen (B) Twenty Nine
(C) Fifty Seven (D) One Hundred and Twenty Four
Answer: D

35. The number of lines in Donne’s “A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning” is ……………
(A) Eighteen (B) Thirty Six
(C) Fourteen (D) Thirty Two
Answer: B

36. The curfew tolls the knell of parting day,
The lowing herd wind slowly o’er the lea.
These lines are from a poem by :
(A) Shakespeare (B) Thomas Gray
(C) John Dryden (D) Alexander Pope
Answer: B

37. According to Francis Bacon, the chief use for ornament in studies is in ……………
(A) privateness (B) retiring
(C) discourse (D) judgement
Answer: C

38. The servant of Faustus who uses his master’s books to learn how to summon devils :
(A) Wagner (B) Robin
(C) Rafe (D) Cornelius
Answer: A

39. The University where Hamlet studied :
(A) Wittenberg (B) Oxford
(C) Cambridge (D) Constantinople
Answer: A

40. Crabtree is a character in :
(A) The Tempest (B) The Rivals
(C) The Way of the World (D) The School for Scandal
Answer: D

41. “The Tiger” is ……………. stanzas in length.
(A) four (B) six
(C) eight (D) nine
Answer: B

42. “Ode on Intimations of Immortality” recollects ……………
(A) Old age (B) Childhood
(C) Middle age (D) Early Childhood
Answer: D

43. If winter comes, can spring be far behind ?
Who wrote this line ?
(A) Wordsworth (B) Coleridge
(C) Shelly (D) Keats
Answer: C

44. Each stanza of “Ode on a Grecian Urn” consists of ………….. lines.
(A) four (B) six
(C) eight (D) ten
Answer: D

45. “Ulysses” is a poem written in ……………
(A) Free verse (B) Blank verse
(C) Rhymed verse (D) Trochee
Answer: B

46. The poem “My Last Duchess” is set during the late …………….
(A) French Renaissance (B) British Renaissance
(C) Spanish Renaissance (D) Italian Renaissance
Answer: D

47. Which sea is mentioned in connection with Sophocles in “Dover Beach” ?
(A) English Channel (B) Red Sea
(C) Aegean Sea (D) Strait of Dover
Answer: C

48. Essays of Elia is collection of essays written by ………………..
(A) Dryden (B) Charles Lamb
(C) J.S. Mill (D) E.V. Lucas
Answer: B

49. How many daughters Mrs. and Mr. Bennet have in Pride and Prejudice ?
(A) five (B) six
(C) three (D) four
Answer: A

50. The alternate title of Oliver Twist is :
(A) A Rake’s Progress (B) The Orphan’s Progress
(C) A Kid’s Progress (D) The Parish Boy’s Progress
Answer: D

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