Kerala PSC Staff Nurse Model Questions (2)

Last Updated On: 30/04/2018

Here are the PSC model questions and answers for Staff Nurse examination. You may also download the questions in PDF format along with solved answers.

PSC Staff Nurse Model Questions (21 to 40)

21. The generally accepted term of community health nurse is:

A) Public health nurse

B) Care giver of the community

C) Private health nurse

D) Sector nurse

Ans: A) Public health nurse

22. Water is primarily derived from

A) Oceans

B) Ice-caps

C) Ground water

D) Rivers

Ans: A) Oceans

23. Health assistant female may cover

A) One sub centre

B) One thousand population

C) Three sub centre

D) One PHC

Ans: D) One PHC

24. Summative evaluation means

A) Done before the program

B) Done in between the program

C) 1 and 2

D) Done at the end

Ans: D) Done at the end

25. The study of physical and psychological changes which are incident to old age is called as

A) Geriatrics

B) Gerontology

C) Clinical gerontology

D) Clinical geriatrics

Ans: B) Gerontology

26. The head circumference in the year of 5 years will be

A) 35 cm

B) 45 cm

C) 50 cm

D) 55 cm

Ans: C) 50 cm

27. The good size of the flash card is

A) 10 × 12

B) 15 × 20

C) 22 × 28

D) 26 × 28

Ans: C) 22 × 28

28. he bacteria grows in the baby intestine and prevent harmful bacteria such as E-coli from growing and causing diarrhea the bacteria called

A) Lactoferrin

B) Lysosomes

C) Lactobacillus bifidus

D) None of the above

Ans: C) Lactobacillus bifidus

29. To develop creative thinking the best method of teaching is

A) Group discussion

B) Tutorial method

C) Demonstration

D) Brain storming

Ans: D) Brain storming

30. International Red Cross Society is founded by

A) Charles Dickson

B) Charles Darwin

C) Henry Dunant

D) Von pirguet

Ans: C) Henry Dunant

31. The students studies first hand objects and materials in their natural environment is known as

A) Demonstration

B) Learning by doing

C) Simulation

D) Field trip

Ans: D) Field trip

32. ICDS programme started in

A) 1975

B) 1970

C) 1978

D) 1980

Ans: A) 1975

33. The optimum period of storage of river water considered to be about

A) 5-10 days

B) 10-14 days

C) 14-20 days

D) 20-25 days

Ans: B) 10-14 days

34. PEP Should be initiated before

A) 24 hours

B) 72 hours

C) 48 hours

D) 36 hours

Ans: B) 72 hours

35. MTP Act came into force in the year of

A) 15

B) 6

C) 10

D) 11

Ans: B) 6

36. The albumin of the egg begins to coagulate at

A) 60 degree Celsius

B) 62 degree Celsius

C) 64 degree Celsius

D) 65 degree Celsius

Ans: A) 60 degree Celsius

37. Prevention of food adulteration Act was enacted in

A) 1944

B) 1954

C) 1964

D) 1974

Ans: B) 1954

38. NACO is the programme for




D) All of the above

Ans: C) AIDS

39. Panel discussion involves

A) 1 person

B) 1 to 2 person

C) 4 person

D) 4 to 8 person

Ans: D) 4 to 8 person

40. Anti sterility vitamin is

A) Vitamin A

B) Vitamin E

C) Vitamin K

D) Vitamin D

Ans: B) Vitamin E

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