Kerala PSC Staff Nurse Model Questions (5)

Last Updated On: 30/04/2018

Here are the PSC model questions and answers for Staff Nurse examination. You may also download the questions in PDF format along with solved answers.

PSC Staff Nurse Model Questions (81 to 100)

81. The Government of India has announced the National Health Policy in the year of

A) 1978

B) 1981

C) 1983

D) 1982

Ans: D) 1982

82. The major causes of MMR in India

A) Anemia

B) Toxemia of pregnancy

C) Eclampsia

D) Hemorrhage

Ans: D) Hemorrhage

83. The mosquito which transmits yellow fever is

A) Aedes aegypti

B) Anopheles mosquitoes

C) Culex

D) Mansonoides

Ans: A) Aedes aegypti

84. Barbecue it is also called

A) Grilling

B) Roasting

C) Baking

D) Frying

Ans: B) Roasting

85. Schick test can be done in case of

A) German measles

B) Diphtheria

C) Measles

D) Meningitis

Ans: B) Diphtheria

86. The best method of refuse disposal is

A) Burning

B) Composting

C) Dumping

D) Controlled tipping

Ans: A) Burning

87. CROUP can be seen in the case of

A) Whooping cough

B) Acute respiratory infections

C) Tuberculosis

D) Meningitis

Ans: B) Acute respiratory infections

88. The recommended noise level is

A) 85 decibels

B) 90 decibels

C) 95 decibels

D) 100 decibels

Ans: A) 85 decibels

89. If the first stage of labour is prolonged IV glucose is given to prevent

A) Foetal distress

B) Hemorrhage

C) Maternal distress

D) 1 and 3

Ans: C) Maternal distress

90. Television and sound films are the example of

A) Auditory aids

B) Visual aids

C) Combined audio visual aids

D) None of the above

Ans: C) Combined audio visual aids

91. The multipurpose worker scheme launched in

A) 1964

B) 1984

C) 1974

D) 1994

Ans: C) 1974

92. Radiation sickness is otherwise known as

A) Shortening of life

B) Leukemia

C) Acute radiation syndrome

D) Radiation poisoning

Ans: D) Radiation poisoning

93. Harpendens calipers is used to measure

A) Foot length

B) Height

C) Head circumference

D) Skin fold thickness

Ans: D) Skin fold thickness

94. A brief description of an observed behavior or incident is known as

A) Clinical record

B) Cumulative record

C) Family record

D) Anecdotal record

Ans: D) Anecdotal record

95. Back bone of public health nursing is

A) Environmental sanitation

B) Health problems

C) Home visiting

D) Planning and evaluation

Ans: C) Home visiting

96. The aldehyde test of Napier is a simple test widely used in India for the diagnosis of

A) Yellow fever

B) Dengue fever

C) Yaws

D) Kala-azar

Ans: D) Kala-azar

97. What is the concept of vision 2020 ?

A) The right to healthy eye

B) Right to reduce blindness

C) Right to donate

D) Right to sight

Ans: D) Right to sight

98. Minimum need programme was introduced in

A) `4^(th)` five year plan

B) `3^(rd)` five year plan

C) `2^(nd)` five year plan

D) `1^(st)` five year plan

Ans: D) `1^(st)` five year plan

99. The process of restriction of movement of persons who come in contact of diseased person is called as

A) Active surveillance

B) Passive surveillance

C) Isolation

D) Quarantine

Ans: D) Quarantine

100. Vitamin A supplementation gives to children from the age of 1 to 6 years should by every

A) 3 months

B) 8 months

C) Yearly

D) 6 months

Ans: D) 6 months

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