Kerala PSC Staff Nurse Model Questions (3)

Last Updated On: 30/04/2018

Here are the PSC model questions and answers for Staff Nurse examination. You may also download the questions in PDF format along with solved answers.

PSC Staff Nurse Model Questions (41 to 60)

41. An expert committee for health man power planning, production and management is known as

A) Shrivasthava committee

B) Mehta committee

C) Bajaj committee

D) Bhore committee

Ans: C) Bajaj committee

42. Erogtism occurs due to

A) Aspergillus flavus

B) Satius

C) Claviceps fusiformis

D) Argemone mexicana

Ans: C) Claviceps fusiformis

43. The study of anthropoids which are of medical importance is known as

A) Ecology

B) Anthropology

C) Epidemiology

D) Medical entomology

Ans: D) Medical entomology

44. Angular stomatitis is caused by

A) Riboflavin deficiency

B) Thiamine deficiency

C) Pyridoxine deficiency

D) Iodine deficiency

Ans: A) Riboflavin deficiency

45. ESI Act was enforced by the Government in

A) 1938

B) 1948

C) 1958

D) 1968

Ans: B) 1948

46. MMR vaccine given at the month of

A) 12 months

B) 15 months

C) 18 months

D) 20 months

Ans: B) 15 months

47. Slow sand or biological filtration of water is introduced in Scotland in

A) 1804

B) 1904

C) 1704

D) 1604

Ans: A) 1804

48. Orthotolidine test was developed in

A) 1918

B) 1920

C) 1928

D) 1938

Ans: A) 1918

49. The instruments devised for measuring the cooling power of the air is

A) Kata thermometer

B) Wet globe thermometer

C) Silvered thermometer

D) Globe thermometer

Ans: A) Kata thermometer

50. Clark’s process is a method of removing

A) Temporary hardness

B) Permanent hardness

C) 1 and 2

D) None of the above

Ans: A) Temporary hardness

51. CARE began its operation in India in

A) 1945

B) 1948

C) 1950

D) 1951

Ans: C) 1950

52. Un intentional torts except

A) Negligence

B) Liability

C) Defamation

D) Damages

Ans: C) Defamation

53. AUGER is required in construction of

A) Dug well latrine

B) Water seal latrine

C) RCA latrine

D) Borehole latrine

Ans: D) Borehole latrine

54. First referral unit for PHC is

A) Regional hospital

B) Specialist hospital

C) Taluk hospital


Ans: D) CHC

55. ORS contains all except

A) Sodium chloride

B) Calcium lactate

C) Bicarbonate

D) Glucose

Ans: B) Calcium lactate

56. The headquarters of FAO

A) Newyork

B) Rome

C) Switzerland

D) Australia

Ans: B) Rome

57. The following one is the trace elements of mineral

A) Calcium

B) Phosphorus

C) Iodine

D) Sodium

Ans: C) Iodine

58. The freshness of the eggs may be tested by

A) Candling

B) Floating in saline water

C) 1 and 2

D) None of the above

Ans: C) 1 and 2

59. The borehole latrine is introduced in India in

A) 1930’s

B) 1940’s

C) 1950’s

D) 1960’s

Ans: A) 1930’s

60. In the hard ticks the dorsum of its body is covered by a hard shield is called

A) Scutum

B) Sebum

C) Serum

D) Shell shield

Ans: A) Scutum

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